Debating Brendan Eich’s Resignation

Debating Brendan Eich’s Resignation April 21, 2014

This weekend, my DC friends and I will meet to hold a debate on the Brendan Eich debacle.  In order to assure civility, there will be cookies (to break bread together) and a gavel (for the enforcement of Robert’s Rules and the potential breaking of kneecaps).  We’ve been trying to pick a resolution for the debate (though, at some point in the afternoon, I’ll stop asking for affs and negs and call for speeches “on or about the topic”).  Of the options we came up with, the best is probably the simplest: Resolved: Fire Brendan Eich.

But I thought you all might enjoy some of the slightly fantastical suggestions my friends and I ended up making:

  • R: Opponents of Gay Marriage Constitute a Hazardous Work Environment
  • R: There is No “Off the Clock” for Bigotry
  • R: If you only do business with the morally pure, you’re going to have to grow your own food and that will suck. And eliminate economies of scale.
  • R: Business is not Value-Neutral
  • R: Error should have no profit margin.
  • R: Extremism in the Defense of Purity is no Vice
  • R: Tolerance is a Noble Lie
  • R: Without the constant proclamation of imminent change, change would come much more slowly
  • R: Unemployment Lines are the new Free Speech Zones
  • R: The Wages of Error are: Not Wages
  • R: Eschew Economic Coercion
  • R: Power Concedes Nothing Without a Pink Slip
  • R: The Private Sphere is Neither

So, as you can see “R: Fire Brendan Eich” is probably simplest.  If there are any other suggestions, now’s the moment to make them, as I’ll probably make the official decision and draw up the whip sheet tonight.

And, in honor of Robert’s lordly Rules, I offer you the obligatory video:

Due to Easter festivities, the Pope Francis bookclub post will run on Tuesday.

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