Talking to Theologues + A Book Giveaway

Talking to Theologues + A Book Giveaway June 13, 2015


I got to have a nice conversation with the guys behind the Theologues podcast when I was their guest on their program, and the radio episode is now up!

As your teaser,  one thing we wound up talking about that I hadn’t thought about before was a possible reason that Christians tend to wind up talking and thinking more about sexual sins than other kinds.  The consummation of lust is concrete and easy to picture, but we’re not so good at vividly noticing what the logical consequences of a sin like resentment or acedia is.  So sexual sin feels more like it’s moving you somewhere while we don’t pause and notice what will happen if we let resentment fester.

Speculative!  I’d be curious about your thoughts.


Also, Pete Socks’ giveaway for Arriving at Amen is still going, if you’d like to enter.  And Pete reviewed the book himself; here’s what he said:

 What really struck me time and time again was how genuine Leah’s message was. As I read each chapter you could almost feel the joy and wonder bleed through the pages as Leah described her love of each of the Catholic practices she covers. Her sense of wonder is contagious. I found myself giving pause numerous times throughout the book to consider what she was relaying.


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