Demands for Diverse Faculty and Trigger Warnings At Colleges

Demands for Diverse Faculty and Trigger Warnings At Colleges December 10, 2015

I’ve done two recent pieces for FiveThirtyEight looking at activist movements on college campus.

Here Are The Demands From Students Protesting Racism At 51 Colleges

A list of formal demands made at 51 U.S. campuses has been collected on a website called The Demands. FiveThirtyEight sorted through the list, categorizing each request and looking for patterns in the students’ priorities. The results, which offer a fuller portrait of this new movement, are shown in the following chart:


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Most Professors Fear, But Don’t Face, Trigger Warnings

Almost none of the more than 800 members who replied to the survey said their school required trigger warnings. Only 0.5 percent of respondents said that their institution had adopted such a policy. (About a third were unsure whether their school had a policy in place, which would suggest that the policy, if it existed, wasn’t particularly well publicized.)

If professors provided content warnings, it was most likely to be because they chose to do so. A third (34 percent) of professors said they had warned students about the content of their courses once or twice. An additional 11 percent said they had given warnings several times, and 12 percent gave them regularly.

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