Young Earth Creationists make their point

Young Earth Creationists make their point January 13, 2014


Our previous post, Dan Wilkinson’s “Creationist Ken Ham versus the Truth,” generated many comments from Young Earth Creationists eager to assert their conviction that, because the Bible is meant to be taken literally, the theory of evolution is not just factually but morally wrong.

Young Earth Creationists believe that approximately six thousand years ago God created the world and all of its creatures in six twenty-four hour days. They believe that dinosaurs co-existed with modern humans. When presented with the scientific facts that the universe is between 11 and 15 billion years old, that the earth is about 4.5 billion years old, and that life appeared on earth at least 2.5 billion years ago and subsequently evolved into many forms, Young Earth Creationists often respond with Ken Ham’s famous, “Were you there?”

Ken Ham is a prominent leader of the YEC movement. He is founder and president of Answers in Genesis (AiG), a “Christianity-defending ministry” that in 2007 opened the $27 million Creation Museum, paid for entirely through private donations to AiG. Located on 50 acres in Petersburg, Kentucky, the 70,000 square foot state of the art “museum” (for it is not accredited by the American Alliance of Museums) features “a time journey through a visual presentation of the ‘Seven C’s of History’ according to Scripture: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross and Consummation. … [Visitors] will also be challenged to consider how the first 11 chapters of Genesis addresses modern cultural issues such as racism, same-sex marriage and abortion.” Over two million people have visited the Creation Museum since its opening.

AiG produces a daily radio feature called Answers…with Ken Ham which airs on over 860 domestic stations and over 450 international outlets. It also hosts more than 350 “teaching events” across the United States each year. Ken Ham and his followers seek to eliminate the teaching of evolution in public schools.

Here, speaking for themselves via their reaction to Dan’s blog post, are just some of the Young Earth Creationists who want to dictate public school curriculum:

For anyone who reads their Bible, it’s pretty clear that the entire concept and theory of evolution blatantly contradicts a number of biblical accounts, therefore one must be true and the other false as the Bible does not contradict itself. Simple, and in a nutshell. — Jonathan D.

Satan and the demons work hard to deceive us. If, as you imply, Ken Ham’s work of teaching and interpreting the Bible is wrong, you are making null and void the gift of teaching given to the church by the Holy Spirit. — Nick L.

Nothing cant evolve into something anymore than something with gene can evolve a million other genes different from the first. This is basic maths I have one sweet and have no more sweets to add how many sweets do I have 1 or 10,000,000? —   Benjamin N.

The issue of origins is outside the realm of science. If you think that evolution is science and proven, you have absolutely no clue as to the nature of knowledge. … Science cannot deal with unique, unrepeatable, unobservable and untestable events. Can anyone do a Show’n’Tell of a fish turning into a crocodile? The same is true of Creation. Both must be accepted on Faith. … Since no one can observe what has taken place in the past, no theory of origins is in the realm of science. The answer as to where we came from must be based upon faith. If you believe in Evolution, you have placed your faith upon Nothing, because for you the universe came from Nothing. … There is No truth in science, Truth is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ. Learn the Natures of Knowledge and Truth before delving into the issue of origins.

Their truth is a theory not based in any scientific fact yet they cling to their faith of what is not there. Sad. –Thalinna B.

One of the best learning experiences I ever had was my visit to the Creation Museum. — Janet W.

If death came prior to Adam (evolution) then Jesus is not needed. We are not Christians. Its incompatible. We need Jesus as Savior BEcause of Genesis. — Ryan D.

Evolution, according to every text I have seen and that schools provide, says “evolution” is a “belief” of scientists, and a “theory”, so they choose this as THEIR religion, I have 4 children that are going to learn the truth and that is Creation, the Bible, and Gods laws and rules for us. … I am very concerned my own children and about the millions of children that are exposed to the lie of “evolution”, and their salvation and receipt of the true message of God … . — Susan

Well, the Bible says, “Let God be true, and every man a liar.” That verse makes no exceptions for those who have their Ph. D. and have published journal articals. … [Ken Ham is] actually trying to defend the conclusion to which anyone would come if they read it for themselves without trying to make it fit something else … — PN8891

I do believe the earth is less than 10k years old, sure. I trust the eye witness that was there and was kind enough to tell us about it, God. I do believe people lived hundreds of years, so what? … There is no old earth creation. It’s a lie of Satan to deceive the very elect if possible. … Dump science and believe the Bible. Science is the fancy of men while the Bible is every single word of the Living God, perfectly preserved and inspired for us to read. — Shawn A.

It all comes down to how big your God is. Mine is big enough to speak everything into existence in 6-24 hour days. Mine is big enough to preserve His Word so that “day” means “day”. How big is yours? — Ernie B.

Both “theories” require faith. And yes…creation is an accepted theory. A theory is simply a system of ideas intended to explain something. So those dismissing creation as a theory…if people believe it, then it is a theory. Get over it! — Nathan

I reject your belief that evolution has been proven true. The only thing that has evolved is the theory itself. The human architects of this theory have worked hard to overcome the growing problems with such an idea. I will admit that it takes a great amount of faith to believe such a tale. However, I can also appreciate the differences in opinions among people unlike many advocating evolution. My only point right now is that you cannot attempt to square the Word of God and remain consistent with true Biblical Christianity while holding to a man made theory that has been devised to eliminate God from the equation. I believe, in the beginning God and it seems you believe, in the beginning dirt. — Pastor Todd D.

Child like minds don’t use science to justify truth nor do they compare theory to do this leads to sorcery wich is very dangerous ground and also questionings the very teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ .who do i believe man or Jesus Christ without a doubt Jesus Christ you will never be led astray. — Sheena K.

in order to for a theory to be considered true, the hypothesis has to be able to be tested and verified. This is impossible to do regarding both creationism and evolution. It will NEVER happen. Therefore, they are both theories. Both require faith. So, the ultimate questions is do you want to place your faith in man? or God? — Emily (a self-proclaimed high school biology teacher)

Nothing good ever comes from Patheos. They are so full of Biblical inaccuracies it is truly sad. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. — Susie M.

I think that anyone who is honest and doesn’t have an atheistic agenda or axe to grind, if they take a reasonable look at what the theory of evolution proposes, they have to conclude that it just can’t make any sense. There are more holes in the theory of evolution than there are stars in the galaxy. — Thomas C.

I know you don’t have to believe in six literal creation days to be saved, but sometimes you wonder if these people who compromise believing in long ages and/or evolution really are since they basically are insisting man’s word is more authoritative than God’s even though they would probably deny that conclusion. — Edward L.

The creationist model is the biblical model. Anything else is private, personal, and subjective interpretation, which 2 Peter states is the wrong way to read the Bible. The Bible interprets itself! — Caleb M.

The universe created by God is vast beyond comprehension, and, amazingly enough, coincides with science when science does what it does best – describes what it sees and observes. Everything else is just . . . theory. — Queen Alice

Genesis is compatible with Jesus. Evolution is not compatible with the need of a Savior. Death entered after Adam’s sin, not before. Jesus paid the fine Adam caused. The fine was death. — Ryanmd

Patheos is pathetic! Both blogger Wilkinson and many (but thankfully not all) of those responding are displaying their anti-Bible bias and ignorance. — Greg B.

Also, because evolutionists are unwilling to give creation science any serious consideration, they really don’t have a proper understanding of it and always refute and discredit it with straw man fallacies and ad hominem attacks. Can scientists demonstrate the earth’s purported age of 4.6 billion years in a laboratory? — Desi

The bottom line is these folks [evolutionists] simply have no room in their hearts for God …. — Eric S.

[Progressive Christianity is] whatever the secular world believes about where they came from, you accept that as infallible and then change their assumed fallible Word of God to fit! So sad. In many ways these sort of people are more dangerous to Christianity than the atheists. … Any attack on the WORD is an attack on Christ the WORD. — Ken Ham


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