10 News Stories That Prove 2016 Wasn’t All Bad

10 News Stories That Prove 2016 Wasn’t All Bad December 28, 2016


There’s no denying that a lot of bad stuff happened in 2016, but it’s also worth remembering that some really great things happened this past year. Here are ten of them:

  1. February 12: Pope Francis met with Patriarch Kirill in the first meeting between leaders of the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches since their split in 1054.
  2. July 4: After a five year journey, NASA’s Juno spacecraft entered orbit around Jupiter.
  3. July 26: Solar Impulse 2 became the first solar-powered aircraft to circumnavigate the Earth.
  4. September 30: Two stolen Vincent Van Gogh paintings, missing since 2002 and valued at over $100 million, are recovered.
  5. October 15: More than 150 nations agreed to begin phasing out the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).
  6. November 2: The Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years.
  7. November 30: India opened the largest solar plant in the world.
  8. December 4: The Department of the Army announced that it would not allow the North Dakota Access Pipeline to be drilled under a dammed section of the Missouri River, giving the Standing Rock protesters a major victory.
  9. December 10: Bob Dylan became the first songwriter ever to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, and Patti Smith performed his song “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” at the awards ceremony.
  10. December 22: A new vaccine against the Ebola virus was shown to be 100% effective.


Photo via Pixabay.

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