Raising Social Justice Warriors

Raising Social Justice Warriors May 26, 2016

Those “social justice warriors”…..

I see that phrase a lot, the quotations implying we aren’t legitimate, aren’t to be taken seriously.

I saw that again this week and thought, that’s right, I am a Social Justice Warrior, and look out world, because I am raising my kids to be warriors as well. I mean, aren’t there some things worth fighting against and fighting for?

So, here is a list of things that I want for my little Social Justice Warriors:

Understand the systems that oppress people.

Know the role the world will give you based on your race and class. Find joy in subverting it.

Be warriors with – not for – other people.

Know that racism, sexism, and classism are the status quo and will not disappear unless people fight to dismantle them.

Understand the power and legacy that people and institutions have. See how it affects people.

Question everything and everyone.

Be filled with an avid curiosity at how the world can be so beautiful and so tragic.

Love all people. Be intolerant of the systems that keep them oppressed.

Have an appreciation and respect for different cultures. Learn the difference between appreciation and appropriation.

Learn the beautiful history of those who have fought for freedom and justice. Be empowered to do the work.

Learn the history of colonization. Decolonize your mind.

Know and trust your voice, knowing that, ‘the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’. Say and do something.

Fight against systemic injustices, against the powers that conspire against people without power and wealth and whiteness.

Be warriors for acceptance and solidarity.

Don’t be afraid to be known by your empathy and willingness to have bleeding hearts.

Never be satisfied with the status quo.

See the rainbow of skin tones.

Create the world that everyone deserves.

Don’t settle for equality. Work for equity.

Love fully and completely, knowing the world will try to kill your humanity.

Refuse to let it.


And, here is a handy-dandy printable I made! Click on the image, and right-click ‘save as’. It should print out on an 8×11 piece of paper. Hang it on your fridge!

Social Justice Warriors


And here is a black and white version!


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