Kazoo Magazine for Girls – A Review

Kazoo Magazine for Girls – A Review September 29, 2016

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The TL;DR version: It’s SO good


It’s just refreshing to have a magazine I can hand to my girls and not have to worry about theology, sexism, or beauty images.

Let’s start with the cover, which looks fun and appealing. Great fonts, a drawing of a girl (no pictures to compare yourself to) doing something adventurous like surfing, and lots of different topics that are inside: stuff for artists, engineers, games, drawing, boat building, coloring, comics, and more!

The website says the target age is 5-10, but I think that even tween girls would find a lot of it interesting. My 15 year old read it and liked it; it was more that it only took her a few minutes to read through it all.


Now, to just some of the inside:

There’s a secret code page, but with a twist – an empowering quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.

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The maze page includes advice from Diana Nyad encouraging girls to dream big, even if it ends in failure.

A cartoon by Alison Bechdel.

A coloring page Mickalene Thomas.

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Astronomy and an interview with a female chosmochemist.

Over and over the magazine enforces the idea that girls are strong, smart, and courageous.

There’s a section about a Mexican chef, with a recipe.

Garden crafts.

There’s information about sand, the ocean, and a section about Olympians.


A map your emotions flowchart! That ends with a huge ‘you are ok’ no matter what you’re feeling. I thought this was just so fantastic. photo (7)It has you identify your emotions, and then gives you tips on how you might feel better – write or draw a picture about how you’re feeling. Take some deep breaths. Ask for a hug. And they say “Your feelings, no matter what they are, are valuable’.

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There’s a nice article about Paris and prompts for you to write your own story.

A poster page to cut out that says ‘She who is brave is free’.

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On the last page, which is a subscription page, it says this magazine inspires girls to be:




and, above all,

True To Themselves

What’s not to love?

And can we just talk about the title? Kazoo – a magazine for girls who aren’t afraid to make some noise. Hello! Encouraging our girls to use their voices? Sign me up!

You can subscribe at Kazoo Magazine, or buy a single issue. And, the best part for that is the shipping is free, and the price of a single issue is the same price as it would be if you bought it as part of the subscription. They don’t have higher prices for a single issue. The first issue is sold out and the second issue ships out in October, so order your copy soon!


And if you want to read more, here are a few interviews with the creator of the magazine, Erin Bried.

A Magazine for Little Girls Who Want to Grow Up to Be President

Finally there’s a feminist magazine, Kazoo, for girls who love science and climbing trees


‘KAZOO’ Magazine Brings Feminism To Girls Ages 5 To 10, Because You’re Never Too Young To Be Empowered

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  • Alexis James Waggoner

    Thank you for finding and reviewing this!!! my daughter is only 18 months – too young to enjoy a lot of the content, or appreciate the nuances. But I just subscribed anyway, on principle. I figured she can color the pages, or I can give it away until she’s old enough, and in the mean time I’m supporting a great project. Thanks again!!!

  • Speck

    FYI, those who are interested in this magazine might also be interested in the website A Mighty Girl, which recommends books and movies for people raising strong girls. My girls are 15 and 12 now, but I found so many good movies and books through that website.