What if My Vision is Wrong?

What if My Vision is Wrong? September 6, 2019

There are all kinds of things that slow our progress, halt our growth, and interrupt our development both in relationships and as individuals. Fear. Laziness. Obstacles without and within. Just to name a few.

One such hindrance is this aching suspicion that we are wasting our time. That we are chasing after the wrong thing and our vision is either a) impossible and silly, b) won’t really satisfy and will lead to disappointment or C) completely incorrect and will end in even more pain and confusion.

Vision is the most important driver in the human psyche. It is what motivates us. Couples exchange vows and businesses have a mission statement. If we don’t have a vision set before us, we will be lost and confused. Establishing vision is vital.

But it is also difficult. How do we know our vision is correct? What do we do if it is wrong? What do we do if we aren’t sure whether or not it is wrong? Getting our vision right is perhaps the most important thing any individual, business, or relationship can do. And it deserves our time and attention.


Reasons We Get it Wrong

There are a lot of dangers that arise when trying to set a vision. Perhaps all of them can be wrapped up under the umbrella of falsity. True vision is the only effective vision.

Falsity comes in a variety of ways. We sometimes set a vision we think we ought to set, rather than one that is true to who we are. We try to sound purposeful rather than be purposeful. Those mission statements are meant to woe investors and customers rather than truly name the reason the business exists.

We know the kinds of things we should want, the things we ought to say. And so we say them. Even if we don’t believe they are the truth.

To set this to rights, we have to discover what is true. We have to ask the naked reality and all of the whys behind that truth. This is the only way to get to a vision that is true, both in terms of our hearts believing it is true and in terms of accuracy of our deepest motivation for doing things.

Another reason we have a wrong vision is because we adopt it from someone else. Our parents or business competitors have set a standard and we conform to it, even if it goes against the truth of who we are.

Our inaccurate visions are the offspring of inaccurate perceptions. If we want to fix our visions, we have to be willing to do the hard work of discovering and naming the truth.


What To Do

If our vision is wrong, our self-assessment will be off and our goals will usher us further off track.

If you find yourself attached to a vision that does not seem right, priority number one needs to be fixing it. If you don’t have a vision, priority one needs to be discovering the true reason behind your endeavor or relationship.

The Bible says that without vision, people perish. We melt away into apathy and confusion if we are not rooted in a proper vision. The fear of having it wrong can cripple us. It can cause us to turn away from vision altogether and focus on putting out the fires of day-to-day living.

If your vision needs an overhaul, it starts with discovering your true values. The hard questions about why are questions only you can answer you, your organization, and your relationship are unique. Nobody can do the hard work of naming a true vision for you. It takes energy, time, and intention. But without it, A life of thriving is virtually impossible.

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