How You Can Help Support the Restoration of Marie Laveau’s Tomb!

How You Can Help Support the Restoration of Marie Laveau’s Tomb! February 17, 2014

Support the Restoration of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau’s Tomb photo by Lilith Dorsey.

Marie Laveau is the Ultimate Voodoo Queen. There is no contest. She is more famous than all the others combined, and this was even before her recent appearance in the popular media.

As many of you know back in December, the world famous tomb of  Marie Laveau was painted pink by a vandal according to sources quoted by author Denise Alvarado in her piece “The Mystery of The Pink Tomb is Solved.” For more information on Marie Laveau worship and the original incident  you can also check out the Voodoo Universe post “Marie Laveau’s Tomb is Pink: Shame, Shame, Shame.” Since the incident efforts have been underway to start to repair the damage.

Many thanks to author Carolyn Long for helping to solve the mystery, and author Dorothy Morrison for breaking the news to begin with. I am truly amazed and full of gratitude at what a few concerned powerful women can accomplish.

Pink Marie Laveau’s Tomb.Photo by Dorothy Morrison, copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

Many of you were shocked and outraged that such a national treasure was vandalized and even left unprotected to begin with. It is a sacred site not just for New Orleans Voodoo practitioners but  psychics and curiosity seekers from around the world. Luckily the restoration is underway, and there is finally a way for all of us who have viewed this situation with a heavy heart to finally help.

I’m just a messenger. Go now to the Save Our Cemeteries site to volunteer, donate or help in whatever way you are able.

According to the site, Save Our Cemeteries, the Archdiocese of New Orleans and the local preservation company Bayou Preservation LLC have banded together to raise the monumental $10,000 or more that is required to complete the restoration. Every bit counts, I’ve made my donation, will you?

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