Eleggua’s Feast Day Falls on Friday the 13th

Eleggua’s Feast Day Falls on Friday the 13th June 13, 2014
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Elegua/Eleggua also known as Eshu is often associated with St. Anthony. St. Anthony’s feast day  this year falls on Friday, June 13th. Those who wish to honor him, who may not be attached to a traditional Santeria (La Regla Lucumi) house can light a St. Anthony candle. Say a novena for lost things ( I think this is always important,) sailors, the elderly, fishermen, horses or a plentiful harvest.


Elegua is the guardian of the crossroads, the trickster, the gatekeeper to all the other Orisha or deities. His ritual number is 21, said to represent the sacred roads he travels. His colors are black and red, and the famous story tells of devoted brothers who fell out because they were literally not seeing the same side of things. He cautions us to be wary of our sacred steps journeying into the unknown, and to always be prepared, humble and wise.


For those who wish to connect musically please check out

Jazz legend Dr. John’s Eleggua

Santeria legends Lazaro Ros’ Songs for Elegua


While the Sacred dances and movements for Elegua can be seen here:


Elegua Dance by Marta Ruiz


Elegua Dance –Orisha Elegua El gran palenque El conjunto folklorico nacional de Cuba Le Patio Cubain



BTW It’s not just Eleggua’s feast, it’s a full moon too, Celebrate Accordingly!

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