10 Vital Voodoo Supplies You Can’t Live Without

10 Vital Voodoo Supplies You Can’t Live Without January 12, 2016
10 Voodoo Supplies you can't live without photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved
10 Voodoo Supplies you can’t live without photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved

Spirituality can be a complicated business. The religion of New Orleans Voodoo is no exception. In my workshops I like to remind people that the Voodoo tradition became so strong because of it’s need to fight adversity and oppression. While the evil institutions of slavery and colonialism are mostly a thing of the past, there are still new dangers and challenges that we must face everyday in the modern world. This list will help you be prepared for most things that come your way. I have included links so that you may find these voodoo supplies if they aren’t readily available in stores near you.

  • Florida WaterFlorida Water is used for just about everything in the religions of La Regla Lucumi (Santeria) and New Orleans Voodoo. This little bit of heaven in a bottle smells divine, and can be added to all types of rituals and spells.
  • Red Brick Dust – Red brick dust, preferably made from old bricks, serves to create a protective barrier between you and the outside world. In my post about Black Salt, White Salt, and Red Brick Dust All Over, I talk about how the best results from this can be obtained by laying a complete line across all your thresholds and windowsills on the eve of the full moon.
  • Black Salt – Black salt can be used like Sea salt and spread around the home, or simply carried in your pocket.
  • Sea Salt – This salt, a common kitchen witch standby, can protect and cleanse almost everything in your home. Try using it to cleanse your tarot cards or crystals.
  • Hi John Root – Also known as Johnny Conquer root, High John is one of the most powerful and popular items in New Orleans Voodoo. It works in spells of justice and power.
  • Rose of Jericho – This miraculous plant is used for healing in all areas, mind, body, soul, home, finances, etc. For a long time this plant was only available
    Rose of Jericho, New Orleans. Photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
    Rose of Jericho, New Orleans. Photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

    online or from your local Pagan store, fortunately I discovered that now they are even being sold in my local Trader Joe’s supermarket. Here is a link if you can’t find them there.
  • Grains of Paradise – Like all good magickal spices Grains of Paradise can be used for blessing and removal of curses and hexes.
  • May Rain Water – Rain water collected during the month of May serves to bring great blessings and joy into your life. This water can be added to other magickal water formulas, or simply spread about the home to bring successful energy to your space and workings.
  • Graveyard dirt – Graveyard dirt sounds like a spooky ingredient in a horror movie formula. In reality it can be used to strengthen your connection with the ancestors, and the dead, and also receive their protection.
  • Holy Water – It is hard to say whether this ingredient found it’s way onto most peoples protective supply list by accidental necessity, or design. Holy water is very protective when sprinkled around your home, windowsills, doorways, and even on yourself. You can get it yourself from your local church or you can even order Holy Water online from the sacred site of Lourdes.

Thanks for reading, and I would love to hear what’s in your own magickal first aid kit, please leave your recommendations in the comments below. If you have enjoyed what your read here please remember to do us a favor and share, share, share!

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