The Dirt On Magickal Dirt

The Dirt On Magickal Dirt January 16, 2016

Dirt on Dirt photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Dirt on Dirt photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

Gritty, dirty, and under your feet all day, dirt is one of the magickal spell ingredients that many people forget. New Orleans Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria(Lucumi,) and many other traditions use dirt in many of their formulas to help achieve the desired results. Here are some basic dirts, and their uses to get you started-


Dirt From Your Home– Dirt from your home is a simple and easy way to get started with using dirt in your magickal spells. This dirt represents “Spirit of place” and will stand in for your home and the people who live there in any working you do.

Dirt From the Crossroads– Crossroads dirt is said to bring blessings of success, guidance, and opportunity. It is sacred to the crossroads deities- Eleggua, Legba, Eshu and others. For best results leave an offering of change, or something else, when you harvest your dirt.

Dirt From a Hospital– This dirt is seen to add healing to your magick. Many times I have taken dirt from a hospital planter, even when there was no open ground available.

Dirt From a Cemetery– Cemetery dirt is used to connect and honor the ancestors. It is also used in hexing and protection magick. Be sure to leave an offering when collecting this dirt.

Dirt From 4 Churches– Carlos Montenegro in his book Santeria Formulary and Spellbook talks about how the dirt from four different churches will be a useful ingredient in many cleansing spells.

Dirt From a Footprint– This dirt is used when you are doing a working on a specific person, namely whoever’s footprint you have. I’ve seen this as an ingredient in love spells, and also spells of commanding and compelling. Gather up the footprint dirt and place in a paper bag.

Dirt From The River’s Edge– In many Afro-Caribbean traditions river water is the natural manifestation of the Goddess of Love. Some call her Erzulie and some refer to her as Oshun, but either way the sweet power of the river flows deep within her.


If you are searching for ideas about how to use these in your own spellcrafting consider placing a pinch of dirt under your next ritual candle, or making a gris-gris bag with a little something “dirty” included. Dirt can be used in many ways to make your magick more grounded, centered and powerful. Think about letting your magick get a little dirty the next time around.


Please stay connected to the Voodoo Universe for more on magickal dirt soon. If you liked the “Dirty words” you found here please do us a favor and remember to share, share, share.



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