Magickal Morning Rituals: Ancestors, Coffee, Toilets and More!

Magickal Morning Rituals: Ancestors, Coffee, Toilets and More! March 7, 2016

Yellow sunrise photo, text added. Courtesy of Wikimedia commons.
Yellow sunrise photo, text added. Courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

Morning can be one the most magickal times of day. The sun crawls high into the sky, and the dawn greets us with new beginnings and potential. Lots of people use this special time for magick and ritual to start things off rite. In my own New Orleans style Voodoo house we frequently do daily offerings for ancestors, recite their names, and leave them symbolic plates of food, and cups of water, or coffee. These rituals were inspired by ones mentioned in the New Orleans Voodoo Tarotwritten by Louis Martinie and Sallie Ann Glassman. Beginning the day this way insures a closer connection to the ancestral world, and reminds us all of where we came from and where we are headed.

Some witches use the morning as a time to center, ground and meditate. A simple ritual can be done by sitting in a comfortable position, and counting your breaths from one to ten. Breathe in deeply, and concentrate on the number one as you begin. With each breath feel your chest expanding, your breath coming in from the universe, filling your body and soul with vital oxygen. For each new breath count another number, until you reach the number ten. This simple breathing ritual can be combined with chakra meditation, or focus on the numbers of the tree of life. With this method you can also concentrate on the spiritual and physical sensations associated with these numbers. Like most good ritual techniques the possibilities here are delightfully endless, and guided by your own practice, and needs at the time.

Coffee Art photo by Ted & Dani Percival.
Coffee Art photo by Ted & Dani Percival.

For spiritual people, and non-spiritual people alike, morning Coffee can be a ritual in itself. In my post, Coffee Magick 101, I write about how ” Tea leaf reading has stolen the historic spotlight here, and most people are unaware of Coffee divination as a magickal system. Reading coffee grounds, tea leaves and the like is officially called Tasseography…Basically the method is to use scrying as a tool to interpret what you see in the grounds and or foam left in the bottom of the cup.” Coffee is sacred to the gods of many different religions, and La Regla Lucumi, New Orleans Voodoo, Haitian Vodou and others often use Coffee as a morning offering to ancestors and others deities who can help get things started magickally. Coffee grounds can also be added to candles, or washes to bring about opportunity and speedy change.

There are many simple and complex ways to start your day off with magick, unfortunately I even knew one witch who liked to scry what he saw in the toilet, but in my opinion there are much less unpleasant ways to foretell the future events of the day. How do you start your day off ? I would love to hear your own rituals and ideas in the comments below. Thanks for reading and if you like what you have found here please remember to share, share, share !


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