Spiritual Lesson From Sci-Fi : Music Is The Magick

Spiritual Lesson From Sci-Fi : Music Is The Magick May 4, 2016
Twilight Zone picture by is0b3lpalm3rs0n. Licensed under CC 2.0
Twilight Zone picture by is0b3lpalm3rs0n. Licensed under CC 2.0

Music has the power to transform and transport on a deep level. Trance is often aided by specific rhythms in many cultures. This particular discussion about music in the Science-Fiction verse will focus on two different instances- one old and one new.

While there are many memorable sounds, noises, and musical compilations in the world of Sci-Fi arguably the most notable is the theme to the Twilight Zone. Written by Maurice Constant, the song was actually pieced together from two separate tracks. Strange number 3, and Middle number 2 were combined to make the theme we have come to remember. The jarring notes literally transport you to another zone. When I was a child there was a saxophone player who used to blast this tune on the subway. He would annoy people into giving him a donation so they could return to their regularly scheduled train ride. Both the music, and the message of The Twilight Zone was designed to take you somewhere you might not want to go. Ironically, Constant did not know about the music being used until after the show had already begun. Music has most definitely been an integral part in transforming people on a deep and spiritual level.

Gilbert Rouget’s book Music and Trance, talks about how “Sometimes thunderous drums send the subject into trance; at others, it is the very faint susurration of a rattle. Among certain people a musical instrument is said to produce this effect, whereas among others it is the human voice. “ It appears music can effect one’s mind, body, and soul.

The magickal power of music is also the subject of one episode of the quirky Sci-Fi television show EurekaEureka‘s episode Reprise, Season 4 Episode 12 centers on manifestation through music. This is a phenomenon which has long been witnessed in many religions, most importantly paganism and Afro Caribbean traditions. Eureka is not your typical Sci-fi show. It is humorous, delightfully odd, and yet it possessed mass appeal. People were willing to suspend their disbelief. Someone commented to me recently that Eureka was more magick than Sci-fi. It is about using techo-magick on the highest level. In this mind expanding episode all the music they listen to begins to come to life. We are treated to Pink’s “Let’s Get This Party Started,” Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger,” “Bad Boys,” and an intense manifestation of Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff.” If you haven’t seen this show I highly recommend it. It uses intertextuality beautifully by using boy wonder Wil Wheaton, complete with superb smugness and solutions. There is much more to be said on this topic, so stay tuned for more here on Voodoo Universe, and if you enjoyed what you have read here, please remember to share !

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