Haitian Revolution: Lakay Se Lakay

Haitian Revolution: Lakay Se Lakay January 18, 2018
Haitian drum and flag photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Haitian drum and flag photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

It has always been a mission of mine both personally, and here on this blog, to do whatever I can to support Haiti, including traditional Haitian arts, culture, and spirituality. This week, with the atrocious remarks by the U.S. President, continued support for Haitians in any and every way possible has become even more necessary. For those here in New York City I urge you to continue to march, speak out, patronize organizations such as Haiti Cultural Exchange, and attend events like the following.

This weekend Wear Your Voice and Oyasound will present-

Transformative Healing through Haitian Tradition

Saturday January 20, 2018

@ Starr Bar
214 Starr Street
Brooklyn, NY

Gede Celebration Dance photo by Lilith Dorsey. (I'm on the far right.) All rights reserved.
Gede Celebration Dance photo by Lilith Dorsey. (I’m on the far right, and Julio Jean is in the center w/ hat and glasses.) All rights reserved.

The program will include vendors, a film screening of 1804: Hidden History of Haiti, traditional Haitian drum class with Okai Musik, a traditional Haitian dance class with legendary dance master Julio Jean. Julio Jean has been featured earlier on this blog, in my post Gede Celebration I wrote “Julio Jean is a renowned master Haitian dance teacher and choreographer with 20 years of experience who blends traditional Haitian forms with modern and contemporary dance to create compelling movement narratives. As a teacher, he pays great attention to detail while bringing forth the joy and beauty of the dances. Jean studied with Lavinia Williams, a company member of Katherine Dunham, at the National School of Arts in Haiti. In 1989, he moved to New York City and worked directly with Katherine Dunham teaching traditional Haitian dance during her teacher trainings. ”

The event will culminate with a house party led by Shamans of Sound: Bruja Beats (DJs Funke + Sabine Blaizin-Oyasound) I am so excited for this amazing event. If at all possible please try and come to show your support and love ! Even if you can’t, here’s a little bit of DJ Sabine to lift your spirits.

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