Herbal Magick : Juniper Berries

Herbal Magick : Juniper Berries March 5, 2018

Juniper berries close up photo courtesy of public domain pictures.

Juniper Berries are tiny dark spheres that are full of magick. They are a primary ingredient in the making of Gin. As I sit down to write this all I can think of is the time I found a bunch of millennial witches in the hot tub at a Pagan event drinking. When I asked them what they were drinking they replied “Pagan Love Juice.” My witchy mind imagined rose petals, honey, cinnamon, all the delightful magickal ingredients for love. So I asked them what was in it, they quickly replied gin. Well “whatever lifts your skirt,” as the expression goes. In reality Juniper berries have a long history of being used in magickal recipes and spells.

Juniper berries can be used in spells for love and lust. You can make a tea with them and add them to your bath or floor wash to bring about passion and strength. More common, however, is the use of juniper berries for protection. These are a spicy little berry colored an interesting blue when still attached to the bush, then they dry to a deep reddish brown color.

Popular folklore tells us that juniper grown by the threshold to a home will stop thieves from entering. It is said that the ancient Druids used a powerful incense made of juniper and thyme to bring about psychic visions. The website herbs-info.com tells us that “Juniper has a long history of occultic usage, especially for certain magickal practices endemic to the European world, more specifically in the Germanic and Nordic areas of that part of the country. In Western magick, juniper is considered a protective herb, its leaves being said to possess the capability to drive away bad luck and protect its bearer from all any type of malignancy. In folkloric beliefs, the leaves or needles of juniper trees were typically made into a wreath or a sort of decorative ornament and hung above doorways or above the rafters, as it was said to protect the inhabitants of a house from bad luck, sickness, evil spirits, and the possibility of theft. Wearing a sprig of juniper needles encased in a medicine bag was believed by some Nordic and Icelandic tribes to protect the bearer from attacks by wild animals while subsequently improving their ability to hunt properly”

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