Azealia Banks, Animal Sacrifice, + The Agricultural Industry

Azealia Banks, Animal Sacrifice, + The Agricultural Industry March 9, 2018
Azealia Banks photo by Christian Bertrand licensed under Shutterstock. All rights reserved.

One of the most problematic aspects of African Traditional Religion is the use of animal sacrifice. It’s a complicated problem, and as someone who was a vegetarian for years I applaud everyone who works for animal rights. Ironically some of the most devoted practitioners I know are also animal lovers, while some of the most vocal people arguing against animal sacrifice have done so while using leather, and other animal products. The truth is that most sacrifice in the African Traditional Religions of Haitian Vodou, Santeria/Lucumi, and New Orleans Voodoo is done quickly and respectfully. The killing of the animals in the religion is mostly employed with much more humane than most practices used by the commercial meat industry.

This week’s Santeria social media post from Azealia Banks states “furthermore if u will be upset with anyone “killing chickens” take it out on the agricultural industry. If I want to pray over my chicken + bless it and thank Yemaya for the food before I eat it, it’s absolutely no one’s business”

Azealia Banks has been the topic of conversation on this blog before, in my post Azealia Banks – Outrageous Racist or Magickal Vigilante ? Banks and her followers don’t do anything in a small way. In the post I wrote:

She flew onto everyone’s radar on Saturday with just one tweet. It was as follows-

And time to put death spells on cops who kill innocent civilians and think they can get away with it….. OKURRRRRR?!

Immediately people began to respond on twitter with calls to the ancient magicks and the ancestors. People called Azealia a racist, and some Wiccans even chimed in with the three fold law. This isn’t the only magickal controversy that Banks has found herself entangled in. Some time ago she caught the attention of the public with a social media post that showed a room in her home covered in animal blood and ritual items. Individuals on both sides of the issue responded loudly.

With this most recent post, however I truly think Azealia Banks has a valid point. While some adopt humane practices, the agricultural industry is still home to some cruel practices. Nowadays it also seems that both the mainstream news and social media is full of animal abusers who don’t get the sentences they deserve. Wouldn’t it be better for people to focus their animal rights efforts on these areas ? Wouldn’t it be more useful for them to concentrate on companion animals in shelters who need assistance? Sacrifice in African Traditional Religions are carried out with much sacredness and care. I’ve had more than one elder in the tradition tell me that in order to perform sacrifice you need to be willing to give your own life as a sacrifice if necessary. I often asked people opposed to animal sacrifice if they are also against the use of animal products for life saving medicines and procedures. Would they deny a loved one necessary medicine if it came from a chicken or other animal ? Magick is medicine, used to heal important elements of someone’s life. I know it is difficult for some to understand, but these are the beliefs.

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