Top Ten Magickal Candleburning Conundrums : What Does It All Mean ?

Top Ten Magickal Candleburning Conundrums : What Does It All Mean ? October 1, 2018

Candleburning photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

There are a lot of things that can get a bit strange when burning a candle, so what do all these magickal candleburning conundrums mean ? Most people have a lot of questions when they burn a candle as part of a magickal spell or working. Obviously, everyone is going to have their own experiences and conclusions surrounding these things. However, I still feel that there are some general guidelines that can be followed when experiences some of these situations. In many ways this is its own form of divination, as the current situation will reveal itself to you through the flames. Pay attention to the messages the candles have for you, and you will be rewarded with insight and guidance.

Top Ten Magickal Candleburning Conundrums

  • Double Flame – Sometimes when you burn a candle it presents with a double or triple flame. I was taught that this means the influences of others in the situation.
  • Candle Popping – When burning your magickal candle the candle may make popping sounds. This can mean that the candle is working overtime to accomplish your desires. It is generally considered a good sign.
  • Candle Extinguishes – Occasionally a candle can go out all by itself, without the help of man or nature. Most often this is a sign that you need to burn a different kind of candle. Maybe you are focusing on money instead of success, or vice versa. By paying attention to how the candle behaves you can get some insight as to if more or different magick is needed.
  • High Flame– Carlos Montenegro is his book Santeria Formulary tells us that if your magickal candle flame burns high “this means the spell is going to be effective, and work fast.”
  • Low Flame – A low flame generally means that your candle is meeting with a lot of resistance. This can be both in the visible and invisible world. It may be helpful to light a different kind of candle, or consider also using a magickal oil, or other type of working.
  • Candle Glass Burns Black – Most witches love Black. However when your ritual candleburning turns the glass black, it isn’t necessarily a reason to rejoice. Black candle glass can mean that there is opposition and negativity directed at you or what you are trying to do.
  • Candle Glass Burns Cloudy – This means there could be some minor resistance, but your working will most likely be successful.
  • Glass Breaks or Cracks – If your candle glass cracks or breaks it has met with a lot of resistance, and another candle or type of spell is needed. There are also cases where a candle will explode. This means the situation is heavily charged or extreme. It only seems to happen to me about once a decade, and every time it has meant that the issue was a difficult one.
  • Candle burns only on one side – Occasionally a candle will only burn on one side, this means your wish or intent will only be partially granted.
  • 7 day candle finishes early – Many times a 7 day candle will burn high and quick and finish well before the seven days are done. With this case scenario the best thing to do is light another candle and continue the working. Normally, a candle working fast means that there is a lot of energy around the issue. More magick should be done.

If when burning candles you need to put one out, the best way is to snuff or with a plate or a candle snuffer. These things can be dangerous so please never leave a burning candle unattended!  Another idea you may wish to consider is placing your candle in a bowl or empty coffee can with a small amount of water for extra protection. I like to use spring water, or holy water, whenever possible.  As always if you enjoy what you read here on Voodoo Universe, please be sure to like, comment, and share !

About Lilith Dorsey
Lilith Dorsey M.A. , hails from many magickal traditions, including Celtic, Afro-Caribbean, and Native American spirituality. Her traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I, New York University and the University of London, and her magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria also known as Lucumi, Haitian Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo.Lilith Dorsey is a Voodoo Priestess and in that capacity has been doing successful magick since 1991 for patrons, is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly, filmmaker of the experimental documentary Bodies of Water :Voodoo Identity and Tranceformation,’ choreographer/performer for jazz legend Dr. John’s “Night Tripper” Voodoo Show, and author of Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism, 55 Ways to Connect to Goddess, The African-American Ritual Cookbook, and Love Magic. You can read more about the author here.
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