Announcing The Pop Occulture Show With Lilith Dorsey & Jason Winslade

Announcing The Pop Occulture Show With Lilith Dorsey & Jason Winslade October 13, 2020

Hi, everyone! Jason and I are super excited to launch our new video series, the Pop Occulture Show with Lilith Dorsey and Jason Winslade, where we explore the crossroads of occultism, popular culture and media. Jason Winslade, PhD, media studies, religion and performance studies scholar and Lilith Dorsey, MA.,  author, filmmaker, cinema scholar, and voodoo priestess have been giving workshops and classes on these topics for years. However these plague times being what they are, we decided to take the show online.

During each 30 minute program we discuss themes and issues surrounding the occult in various popular media. We call it Pop Occulture, which is a fun way of saying the popular culture of the occult. Pop Occulture thrives at the crossroads of popular culture and the occult. In the show, your hosts will discuss and delve into themes, issues and manifestations of the occult in popular media and culture. Join as we investigate the tropes, tragedies and transformations of the mysterious, weird and occult world.

You might have caught us doing our usual thing at the Sirius Rising online event this past July. We spoke about Water Magic in Popular Media, as part of the publicity for my new Water Magic book. We had a great time discussing films like Eve’s Bayou, and the tv show Swamp Thing. Fortunately you can watch that class here :

The Pop Occulture Show premieres on Oct. 13th on our FB page and on YouTube. Please tune in and let us know what you think. Happening every other week upcoming shows will discuss such classics as The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, Practical Magic, The Craft and more. There will also be deep dives into the magick and the mastery of modern media such as Lovecraft Country, The Umbrella Academy, Watchmen, as well as the upcoming reboots of The Craft and The Witches. We are also hoping to have some special surprise guests ! We hope you join us !


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About Lilith Dorsey
Lilith Dorsey M.A. , hails from many magickal traditions, including Afro-Caribbean, Celtic, and Indigenous American spirituality. Their traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I, New York University, and the University of London, and their magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria also known as Lucumi, Haitian Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo. Lilith Dorsey is also a Voodoo Priestess and in that capacity has been doing successful magick since 1991 for patrons, is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly, filmmaker of the experimental documentary Bodies of Water :Voodoo Identity and Tranceformation,’ and choreographer/performer for jazz legend Dr. John’s “Night Tripper” Voodoo Show. They have long been committed to providing accurate and respectful information about the African Traditional Religions and are proud to be a published Black author of such titles as Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism, 55 Ways to Connect to Goddess, The African-American Ritual Cookbook, Love Magic, Orishas, Goddesses and Voodoo Queens, and the newly released Water Magic. You can read more about the author here.

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