Superb and Inspiring: A Vibrant Priest on a College Campus

Superb and Inspiring: A Vibrant Priest on a College Campus January 16, 2015

I have an exciting blog recommendation to anyone interested in evangelization, especially if you need a bit of inspiration with your morning coffee: A Shepherd’s Post.

Before taking on the chaplaincy of Boston University’s* Catholic Center, not long ago, Father David Barnes was a young pastor in a New England parish, writing about his vocation and the day-to-day experiences of his priesthood. When I first stumbled on his blog, I was quickly hooked by the intimacy, joy, and energy of his wise and uplifting commentary. I have been recommending it widely, for a few years–especially for those considering the vocation to priestly life.

Since the move to BU, A Shepherd’s Post has become a thrilling window into what is possible in ministry with young adults, at a time when so few have been well formed in the Catholic faith.

Today, Father’s post is about the power of human relationships to evangelize and powerfully change lives for the better.

Here’s an excerpt:

FatherDavidBarnesSometimes we think that it is the stuff that makes the headlines in the newspapers that really matters. We think that good press or bad press is what ultimately determines the fate of the Church.  There were, however, no media reports of what happened in Nazareth two thousand years ago.  And, had there been, would they have been favorable or negative?  This is not to dismiss the media, but it is to say that the secular media is not the primary instrument of the Gospel.  The young college student that I met at a party clearly stated the reason he was becoming Catholic: He met a young missionary named Michael.  Barbara became Catholic because a woman named Hannah communicated the Gospel to her through their friendship. (Read the whole thing here…)

Your inbox may already be overloaded, but this is one blog I recommend subscribing to. Father Barnes only posts a couple of times a month, at most–he’s a busy guy–but he never fails to lift my heart.

And do share this with any young person considering the priesthood or religious life. A joyful vocation is a beautiful gift to the world.

God bless you.

*(NOTE: In error, I initially identified Father’s post as Boston College. He is actually serving at Boston University.)

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