Lines in My Face: Countdown to Eternity?

Lines in My Face: Countdown to Eternity? May 6, 2015

myfaceupcloseThe other day, I looked in the mirror and saw some new lines and wrinkles in my face. At first, I was a little saddened. But then I thought, “Each line is a reminder that my time on earth is limited, and I have a lot of loving to do, so I’d better get busy.”

The thought made me so happy! Each time I look in the mirror, I see the impermanence of my physical body and the way signs of aging are a countdown to my ultimate destination: heaven.

Some fine day in heaven, I’ll be living in my glorified body.

I imagine that it will be flawless in ways that my puny human brain cannot conceive, now. The truth of our God-given beauty will be realized in each resurrected body, and it will show us how foolish human ideals of beauty really are.

True beauty is about love–always, always–because the source and summit of our beauty is Jesus Christ.

Even the secular world can see this truth, given enough introspection. Check out this blog post and read through to the end, to see how a young woman comes to a similar epiphany.

Our real beauty is found in our souls, not on our skin. Can you imagine the Blessed Virgin crying over not having perfect abs and flawless skin?

Beauty is who you are, each time you touch another soul with the love of God!

Women are too hard on themselves, because the media tells us to be. Hurting our self-image is a sleazy, but effective, way to get hold of our “beauty dollars.” So let’s have a conversation about authentic beauty and keep having it, until advertisers get the message and women stop running to plastic surgeons to change what didn’t need changing.

Please share your own insights, concerns, and questions in the com-boxes. How has the media hurt your self-image? What helps you to appreciate your own authentic beauty as a daughter of God? How can we help other women?

Take a look at my recent post about supporting a friend who thinks she is ugly, and tell us what you would have said to her.

Thanks, Beautiful!



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