Beyond Partisanship

Beyond Partisanship March 5, 2015

I’ve had it.

Don’t spin me. Don’t lie to me. Don’t bury me in a mountain of legalize and tell me I’m ignorant. Don’t exploit my tax dollars. Don’t sell my country to special interests foreign and domestic. Don’t tell me you are for a champion of the poor and squire around DC in limos, fly across the country in government-provided transportation, and dine at DC’s finest restaurants. Don’t tell me you are a champion of the people and focus on getting re-elected over and over again.

Don’t poor mouth it, and collect six-figure speaker’s fees. Don’t quote Washington, Jefferson, and Adams and act like a pack of wolves. Don’t tell me that you believe in the free exchange of ideas and then try to silence the debate by labeling and innuendo.

I don’t believe in you. I believe in something bigger than you and however imperfect my own pursuit of those ideals might be, I know that we are called to something bigger and better than the version of democracy that you hawk in the name of getting from here to your well-padded retirement.

No partisanship implied here. Apply where necessary to all parties involved and begin looking for real leaders.

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