Sophia Series Session 3: Bec Cranford

Sophia Series Session 3: Bec Cranford August 9, 2010

Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom and within the story of Christianity, different traditions – such as the Eastern Orthodox Church – have adopted the feminine imagery of Sophia as an icon of wisdom. I have chosen Sophia as the name of this podcast series because of the people I’ve chosen to interview; I believe, as they share glimpses of their journeys with our Triune Creator, they are voices of wisdom that we all can learn from in this podcast series – as each of them have profoundly spoken into my life; I encourage you have a listen and let their wisdom seep into your pores.

The third podcast in the Sophia Series is Bec Cranford . Bec is a seminary student at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Bec is a fellow Outlaw Preacher, tongue talker, Christian mystic, lover of Jesus, post denominational/catholic/pentecostal, emergent, and over all a prophetic pain in the ass…love this chick! You can learn more about Bec by clicking on the links that I have provided for you in this post and you may find her on twitter by clicking on her name here: @beccranford, or by emailing her here: Thanks for popping by. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast.

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