Why Witch, Indeed?

Why Witch, Indeed? April 1, 2018

Welcome to my journey! Witch, Indeed is a play on one of my favorite words.  I use it for emphasis.  Indeed.  Try it, it feels emphatic as it rolls off your tongue. Witch? Seems self-explanatory.  Except for someone who didn’t have the language to describe what she had done all her life. I moved to the magical, mystical town of Asheville a few years ago, and promptly found my tribe.  Pagans, witches, heathens. I admit, I had preconceived ideas when I heard those words.  Yet all these people felt like home to me. We felt a connection.

Before that, I was a happy to-be-in-the-mountains woman who loved nature. All my life, I had been drawn to nature. This was happily in co-existence when I discovered my new friends were witches, and Wiccans, and more. At first, I felt curiosity. I wanted to learn more. So I did. I attended workshops, met more people, took part in public rituals at the local Goddess temple. It seemed like a such a natural fit.

In my early days here, I would ask, What do you do as a witch? The answers surprised me a bit, because I had been doing that my entire life. Suddenly, memories of my childhood bubbled up, rituals I had done to manifest things, my workings with nature and trees all made sense. I had a new language for myself.  So yes, I am a witch. Not exactly coming out of the broom closet, because it had always been there. I had always kept my private life private, so this may surprise a few people. Or maybe not.  When I moved to Asheville, many people said that was a perfect place for me. They had seen the “me” under the professional layers I had presented. Those who know me well don’t bat an eye when I say I do ritual, or workings, or celebrate the moon.

The word itself, witch, may conjure up a vision you have had from Halloween, the green face, the warts, the cackle. I read an acronym of the word somewhere: Woman In Total Charge of Herself. That describes me and my matriarchal side of the family perfectly. I know no other way, and embrace that completely. When you think about the history of witches, who were they, really? The herbalists, the healers, the feisty, independent women. Ever read the book, The Witch of Blackbird Pond?  I memorized that book as a child, completely understanding the characters of Kit Tyler and Hannah Tupper. I still re-read it to this day. It seems even more relevant now, as the world feels full of disapproving Puritans.

Come join me on the journey, as I share what I have learned, day-to-day life in a magical place, rituals, and my continuing education in being a witch.

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  • I really relate to the “continuing education” of being witch. That never stops, I think and I hope. Enjoyed this post and look forward to reading more!

  • M.A.

    Yeah, just like coming home to yourself. When I was, what, 5? I used to put my stuffed animals in a circle to call back their souls from Fairyland (where they went when I wasn’t playing with them); apparently I’ve been doing ritual for a Long Time now.

  • Lisa Wagoner

    Thanks so much for commenting, M.A.! I remember similar experiences. Magical childhoods.

  • Lisa Wagoner

    Thanks so much for commenting, Anna! I love learning, and true, it never stops. One of my favorite parts of being a witch.

  • Veronica Stephens

    I love the challenge of knowing you are in a place that no longer serves you but where to go??? Your path to get to “home” or home for now is perfect as it was magical and not planned. So many of us try to plot out where, what, how and when and circumvent the universe and wonder why we end up in the wrong place or not the best place. its because we ignore the “voices outside”

  • Secret Blue

    “The word itself, witch, may conjure up a vision you have had from Halloween, the green face, the warts, the cackle.”

    Yes..that’s exactly what I think of. I totally don’t think of curvy women who have a unique gift of saying the most distracting things at the worst possible times(say, when you are working on a very long chant and are aaalmost done). Not even a little bit.

  • Lisa Wagoner

    Listen to your intuition, that voice inside. It will steer you in the right direction.