Midsummer Reset Ritual

Midsummer Reset Ritual June 15, 2018


Midsummer in Finland/Symbio

Ever have a year where it seems like you look up and it’s suddenly June? Where did half the year go? I felt that yearly wave of panic as the calendar turned to June 1st. As with many of us, the year had been filled with life’s challenges. Then my eye fell on the date of midsummer. I took a deep breath, and took a moment to pause.

One can view the glass as half full or half empty, right? And one can view Midsummer as the year half over, or hit the reset button. In addition to celebrating this time of year, you can also view it as a sort of new year. If the first half of the year was not as productive or as fulfilling as you’d like, fear not! After all, Midsummer is the longest day of the year.  You have plenty of time for community and solitary celebrating. You can also add your own personal celebration.

Below is a ritual I like to use to hit the reset button (caveat: also useful any time you consider it a new year, or reset, Chinese New Year, Rosh Hoshanah, you name it. I love beginnings, but that’s me).

Items you will need:

Cleansing tools (whatever you choose, palo sant0, cedar smudge, etc.)

Favorite candle (white is good, as it represents beginnings, but also any candle that signifies what you want to bring into your life. Peace, love, abundance, etc.)

Pen and paper

Favorite crystal, one you feel comfortable keeping near you for afterwards)

An item that represents what you want to focus on most in the coming months: a pen for writing, art supplies, rose quartz heart or rose petals for love, coins for abundance, car/airplane for travel, etc.)

Begin with deep breathing.  As you breathe in and out, visualize cleansing all that is blocking you, clearing pathways, letting it flow down into the ground. Imagine a waterfall rushing over you, clearing the way.

As you breathe in, recite your mantra. One you are fond of, one you create, spur of the moment.  Here is what I use:

In and out,

free and clear

new beginnings

I have no fear.

Once again

I begin anew

and all will be

light and true.

Light your candle, and hold a steady gaze into the flame.  Use this meditative time to visualize what you want your new beginning to look like. It can be something as simple as changing up your morning routine, a different social life, travel, yoga classes, activism, a new job. Let your mind wander and truly search within yourself what you would like your life to look like. Be comfortable with that vision.

Once you feel you have achieved a clear idea of what you would like, begin to write.  It can be free-form, a poem, or a manifesto. I chose manifesto, and created my vision beginning with the words I am…

I am a writer

I am healed

I am fulfilled

I am an activist

(these are just examples, not my complete list)

Once that is complete, hold up your crystal, and read those words aloud. You can breathe them into the crystal as you read those words, so that the positive energy flows to that object. That crystal now represents your intention, so you can keep it with you, use it as a meditative focus, or keep it on your bedside. You can fold up your written intentions, keep them under the crystal, or burn it to send the energy into your surroundings.

Blow out the candle. Reflect on your intentions. Smile at new beginnings. Celebrate with a bath, a festive beverage or a walk outdoors. This is your reset button! Enjoy.  So mote it be.




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