When Your Magic Isn’t Working

When Your Magic Isn’t Working August 3, 2018

I encounter people in all parts of their magical journey on a regular basis.  They come to the lovely little witch shop I work in, sidling up shyly to begin their search with, “This may sound like a crazy question…” or “This may sound like a silly question…” After I assure them there is no such thing, their brow furrows and I find that they are stumped. “I want to do X, then I did Y, but Z didn’t happen.” Ideally, they would like me to lead them to a magic item that will make the Z happen, and sometimes I do. A little tweaking here, and a little tweaking there, and I can send them on their way. Other times, it takes a bit more.

My first advice to them is “Be very clear to the Universe about what you want.” Someone may think they want items to help with a love spell, but they are feeling insecure, jealous, or panicked. They want an item to help their “person” stay in love with them. Delving a little deeper, they sometimes backtrack and decide that’s not what they want to do after all. I help them see three steps beyond what they want, and that helps them decide the direction they want to take.

My second advice is, “Be authentic.” So many people are doing what they are told to do, what they think they should be doing, or what they think is expected of them. Or someone else is doing something amazing, so they want to be just like them, and do the same thing. Part of this is being clear with the Universe, and part of this is you should do the work on yourself first. That way you are sure that what you want to do is aligned with who YOU really are, as opposed to who you THINK you should be. It does no good to try and imitate someone. We each have our own journeys, so respect that and make sure you are crystal clear about who you are and what you want.

My third bit of advice is “Decide on the outcome and work your way back to the beginning.” So many people don’t think their workings all the way through, they are dealing with immediate gratification, and don’t spend much time thinking about their outcome. To try and do a spell for abundance is too vague, but if you have a specific monetary need, such as “I want money to go on this cruise and it cost xxx amount.” See the difference?

My last bit of advice is “Be persistent and flexible”. You’d be surprised to know how many people try something once, and never do it again. Sound familiar? Magic needs consistency, possible repetition, and being open to possibility. Maybe what you are seeking will show up differently than how you expected, but if the outcome is truly what you want, it will show up.

Also, be mindful of your energy. The energy you raise during spellwork can be intense, so make sure you take care of yourself, stay hydrated and get enough rest. Being tired and cranky when working with energy does no one any good, and is a certain path to short-circuiting what you are trying to create. You are the conduit of the energy you are using, so don’t let yourself be a damaged container.

Finally, have gratitude for the work you do and the end results. We are all magical beings, yet only a few of us know it. How lucky are we? The best part of magical workings is actively trying to create a solution. We can make things happen. Make sure it is a magical process!


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  • kyuss

    do you have any evidence that “magic” is actually real?

  • bonmots

    Oh Kyuss, even if I did provide evidence, would you believe? Your usual comments lead me to think it wou;dn’t matter what I stated.

  • kyuss

    of course i would, if you could actually provide repeatable, falsifiable evidence for whatever claims you’re making. i’ve repeatedly asked for evidence across a number of pagan blogs and not one single person can provide any – all you pagans do is cry and whinge. it’s pathetic.