Spring Equinox: Rebirth or Let Things Stay Buried?

Spring Equinox: Rebirth or Let Things Stay Buried? March 10, 2019

Someone recently told me they associated me with Spring Equinox: rebirth and nature, flowers blooming and new beginnings. While flattered, I had to pause and think about what Spring Equinox means to me personally. Is it just about rebirth? This planet Earth has seen the paradox of weather, and Spring seems ever distant. The rain won’t end, the days are still cold, and no one really relaxes about snow until Mother’s Day. It has snowed in April some years, and the few glimpses of sun can set people upon a frenzy of cleaning, wearing sandals and gardening. Only to be foiled again with more cold temperatures and more rain.

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I am a huge fan of hitting the reset button when needed, and rebirth sounds tempting, but sometimes the Spring Equinox is good for examining what’s in the deep, dark earth instead. What is down there may not need to spring forth (see what I did there?) and not see the light of day? Some things can stay buried longer and stay deeply, deeply buried.

Some may call it shadow work, self-examination, digging deep into the psyche. I propose this: take time to examine what is buried deep under the surface of yourself. Take one evening when you have nothing else planned, and gather the following:


pen/pencil/writing instrument

black candle

white candle

two candle holders

a bowl

potting soil

three or more crystals/stones of choice

silver or gold marker

a jar

Spend some time in deep meditation, and think of what has been buried deep within you this past season. It can be resentment, frustration, anger, exasperation, that feeling of being fed up, guilt, or whatever has been weighing heavily on you. Really focus and examine those feelings. Make sure you are grounded and centered, and your feet are flat on the ground, if at all possible.  Visualize all the darkness within you flowing down through your body, down to your feet, past your feet, past the flooring, deep into the earth. Let all of it flow down there and let it remain, where it can be like compost. When you feel ready, journal. Write freestyle, or just lists of words or whatever comes to mind about what you’ve been delving into, and take your time.

When you are all written out, place the candles in the candle holders and light the candles. Look at both flames steadily, and see if you can interpret anything in the flames. If yes, write down what you see. If not, no problem, enjoy the candlelight and breathe deeply. Anything residual left, send it to the black candle. Take your time, and focus all the attention on the black candle only. When done, take a deep breath. Blow out the black candle, and close your eyes. When ready, open your eyes, and gaze upon the white candle. Use the white candle as a cleansing tool, and let the light represent the days of sunshine ahead, clarity, and peace. When ready, blow out the white candle. Close your eyes one more time.

When ready, open your eyes, and place the potting soil into the bowl. Review your notes and see what three words stand out the most to you.  Take the silver or gold marker and write those words on the three crystals/stones. It can phrases, names, characteristics, whatever you would like to stay buried. Hold each crystal in your hands and send any remaining negative energy into the crystal and place it in the soil.

Break the black candle into pieces and add to the soil, mix it well, and place the soil, crystals and candle into the jar and seal it. Find the darkest place in your home (dark cabinet, corner of a closet, basement, etc.) and leave the jar there.

Set a reminder for yourself to check the jar at Winter Solstice.

Go out and enjoy the sun if it is shining, nature if its available, or take a walk in your neighborhood and smile at the spring flowers. Some things will remain buried this Spring Equinox, to clear the way for new growth. So mote it be.





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