The Forgetting of Our Magick

The Forgetting of Our Magick August 19, 2019

Yesterday, I attended a council meeting of our local Goddess temple. I know, how lucky am I to live in a place that has a Goddess temple?! Towards the end of the meeting, we discussed the state of the world at large and how helpless we can feel at times. One person remembered a hopeless time in their lives when all was bleak and then she remembered who she was and what she could do. Another member chimed in with, “We forget our magick, don’t we?” We all nodded in agreement.

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Have you felt that way? Quite often nowadays, I imagine. It’s easy enough to do, what with the world events and day-to-day survival on our minds, not to mention the worrying of people being hurt and discriminated against, among other horrific acts. It can seem like an overpowering tsunami, and we can feel helpless.

I encourage you to take five minutes out of your day and remember that you are indeed a magickal being, and that you have skills, that you’ve gotten through things before and you will continue to do so.

But how, you may ask? Where do I even begin?

First, remember the first time you discovered the magick. For me, it was as a child, watching my grandmother do some of her little rituals, which I discovered later was German/Austrian folk magic that has similarities to Eastern Europe and Italy. I followed suit, because I adored my grandmother, and loved the way she lived her life. Later, it was in my voluminous reading, being drawn to folk tales, magic, witchery, and the like. Being in a forest, and feeling that sensation that I belonged there, came from there, and always needed to return. There were many moments in my childhood, where I felt it, but didn’t have the language for it.

How about recently? The last few years (better late than never), I have really paid attention to moon cycles, and followed suit with spellwork. My youngest jokes that I refer to La Luna almost like a person, and she is definitely part of my magickal rituals. Dark moon, full moon, new and the in-between; all add the zest I need to get things done, to create, to work.

Getting things done is part of the magick of spellwork. You can make things happen, and no matter what you believe, the energy of what you put forth has an effect. Remember that simple premise. It is about moving energy. So take that energy that is otherwise used to get through your days, and put it towards what you want to create. Whether a garden, writing a book, prosperity, abundance, a new job, send some energy that way and see what happens.

What to do when it’s all you can do to wake up and get through your day? Take it back to the basics. Spend some time in meditation or free-form thinking in the mornings, light a candle, and just be. Sometimes that is all you need to get going. Still need some help? Then find your tribe. Find the people who inspire you, whether near or far. Be inspired by their presence, what they create, what they write about or design. I find so much inspiration in the world through photos, that merely seeing one can set the tone for my day. Sounds simplistic? It is. Simple and basic, and you get to build it from there.

Next, listen to your deities. Not sure you have one? Then read and research. Be still and listen. See who shows up for you. I had a customer come into the shop where I work the other day who said Brigid called to her and she didn’t know what to do about it. She knew nothing about Imbolc, Brigid’s history, or anything, really. She just knew Brigid had called to her. Fortunately, I am devoted to Brigid and could help her with lots of information, and I sent her on her way, encouraged and determined. Coincidence she came into the shop? She was on her way to Florida. Methinks not. I was happy to help another person with her relationship to Brigid. That’s the magick.

These are all just suggestions, as it is up to you when how and when you practice what you do. What I do may not look anything like what your is like, and that is perfectly wonderful. We need more magick in the world, so no matter what you do or how you do it, remember. “It’s still Magic even if you know how it’s done.” ~Terry Pratchett


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