Mercury in Retrograde: Survival Tips

Mercury in Retrograde: Survival Tips November 13, 2019

It seems like Mercury in Retrograde gets more and more pronounced as our world gets more chaotic. It used to be something at the back of my mind during that time period, but nowadays I spend my time fielding calls from friends with their tales of woe and mishap. Can you really survive Mercury in Retrograde? What can you do to make it less…MERCURY IN RETROGRADE?

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Breathe. Seriously. Take a few moments and just breathe deep, as deeply as you can. Shallow breathing becomes the norm, and it takes a toll on your body and anxiety levels. Spend the next five minutes just focusing on your breathing, and notice the difference. It’s easy to forget that when life is looming over you. Then, make it a point to stop yourself several times a day to do that. Use that time to also hydrate, a double bonus win-win, and your body will be much happier.

Let go. When panicked, we tend to hold tightly to events, moments, people, whatever our focus is on at the moment. Let go of that roller coaster. When breathing, feel yourself let go of whatever is gripping you, think ahead to a year from now, and notice how the importance of this will lessen. Unclench your hands, unclench your jaw, your shoulder muscles and your neck. There, now feel that. Enjoy these moments.

Light a candle. Or several. Focus your gaze on a candle or two, and use that time to meditate, think of your Happy Place, focus on your gratitude, or just be. A simple ritual that will bring you back to center. Bonus if it’s a color to bring in an intention, or smells fragrant so that it changes up your atmosphere.

Mind Vacation. Take one. Don’t focus on yourself, focus on others, or lose yourself in a good book, a show, a movie, a hobby, or your pet. Just step back and think of something besides yourself. If you are feeling energized by this, go look at an organization you’d like to volunteer at in the next few weeks. Set an intention that you will take time out of your schedule to volunteer to help others.

Common sense. Have it? Use it. Avoid the usual travel, contracts, agreements, etc. You know the drill. If it is unavoidable, and you need to buy a car, then do so. Just be as careful as possible, make sure the car is checked out by your mechanic, do the usual cautious steps you would normally do any other time, but with a little more awareness.

Go deep within. This is a good time to not socialize. I know the introverts will cheer this. Don’t avoid people, but also focus on spending time with yourself, to work on things you need to change in your life. Notice you are feeling sluggish because you are not exercising? Re-commit to the exercise routine. Hate going out because it’s winter and cold? Then stockpile some books or take an online course and keep your mind stimulated. Feel like your magickal practice has gone adrift? Freshen up your altar, spend time with your deities, learn more.

Slow and steady wins the race. The rat race of life will always be there, so slow down, Don’t be in a hurry if you can avoid it, just take your time. It’s when we rush that careless mistakes are made, we overlook things, we forget items, we miss deadlines. Look at your calendar at the start of the day and get it in order in your mind before you begin.

The Past Bubbles Up: If people from your past show up or contact you unexpectedly, don’t freak out. Notice the pattern if there is one, and either cut ties/cords, or be polite and say hello back. It could be something you need to deal with, reconcile with, or move past. It’s perfectly okay not to know, as well. Take a step back and assess, stay in the moment.

Protection:  Use whatever works for you, whether it be crystals, jewelry, oils or herbs. A mojo bag with crystals and herbs, a hematite ring, a pendant anointed with protection oil, creating protection sigils, a special talisman, or whatever works for you. Use one daily. Also remember to ground and center, before you do anything else. Quick fix?

Laugh. Things will fall apart, be disrupted, communication will be wonky, so what can you do? Accept the moment and laugh. Just laugh, because things happen. It can be fixed, or maybe it can’t. Laugh and move on. Better than crying. Although if you need to cry tears of frustration, go for it. It’s a crazy time. Acceptance goes a long way to deal with all of it much better.

Countdown. Mark it on your calendar, and when it’s over (because it WILL end) look back at the lessons you’ve learned. Could you have been more organized? Could you have handled a discussion differently? Did you run yourself ragged for no really good reason? Resolve and move forward.

Survive you will, and life will go on. Mercury in Retrograde has a different feeling, but no need to feel spooked about it. You know what it’s like, so go through the list above, take care of yourself, and hang on. We all will get through this.



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