Ways to Work Magic on Thanksgiving

Ways to Work Magic on Thanksgiving November 20, 2019

Thanksgiving is a great holiday, filled with lots of food, no presents, and family/friend time. Sure, it can be fraught with family tensions, sadness, boredom, a few arguments here and there, or more. Since we are magical practitioners, there are many ways to imbue the holiday with our own additions!

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Set the intention: Nothing like planning ahead! Set aside some time to set the intention of a relatively peaceful holiday. Work on a vision of how you would like the celebrations to proceed. Imbue your vision with love and positive intentions. Sending energy their way during the days before can usher in some good feelings that can permeate the meal. Be realistic, though. The abrasive relative may not change drastically, but sending positive energy their way can help you see them in a new light. Maybe they are chronically in pain and you hadn’t taken that into consideration. The anxious cousin who rarely speaks might like to be asked about their interests. Take some time to think about all those you will come into contact with, and send them your best. It can only help.

Ground and shield: You know the drill. Make sure you don’t forget to do that before every social interaction. For a change of pace, your shields can be in Thanksgiving colors. May it fill you with strength and fortitude.

Cooking: Stir food in the clockwise direction as you prepare it, to send positive and cheerful intentions. This also goes for beverages, so stir that coffee or tea with the same intentions. Keeping focused also helps keep you on a steady dose of magical intention.

Gratitude Jar: A fun activity to keep everyone busy is to fill a gratitude jar with all that your group is grateful for, whether large or small. Fellow participants can decorate with stickers, drawings, write poetry, challenge each other in limericks, or more. Be creative. Reading them after the meal can keep everyone focused on the glow of gratitude.

Salt Bowl:  As my wise friend Jonathan once said: “Salt does what you tell it to do.” Assemble a salt bowl in a beautiful container, fill with natural salt, and add protective herbs, setting the intention as you stir the bowl with your fingers. Ask for calm, peaceful interactions, more humor, and set it out as a decoration. Some protective herbs: bay leaves, cloves, peppercorn and rosemary. Do some research and have fun with it. At best, your relatives may think you’re really into salt or eccentric. You will know the magick it will create.

Protective gear: Wear your favorite protective jewelry, create a mojo bag with herbs and crystals, anoint your regular jewelry with protection oil. Still in the broom closet? Tuck a small cotton bag with your jewelry in your pocket, in your cleavage, in your socks.

Clear the energy: Ring bells, use cinnamon incense, burn a few bay leaves, sprinkle Florida water around the space before the big event, if you can. Do it again afterwards, and take pride in your ability to move the energy within the space of your celebration.

Add a secret ingredient: Add flower essences to your meal, beverages or whatever your contribution will be. Do your research, and if this resonates with you, add your magic to the meal to promote peaceful interactions.

Honor your ancestors: Samhain may be over, but our ancestors are always with us. Share good memories, raise a glass in cheer, tell family stories, share family photos. You may find a connection you never knew of before, which will add much to your next Samhain.

Add the elements to the table: Set the table with all four elements represented: earth, air, fire, water. Water to drink, candles, a beautiful crystal and a feather as part of the centerpiece covers all those easily, but feel free to be creative.

For solitaries: Some of us prefer to spend the holiday alone, so even more magick can be imbued into this day. Most of us have the day off (if not, deep breathing and thank you for your work) so enjoy the day being as magical as you want! Watch witchy movies, do research, perform ritual, catch up on your reading. There is no one way to celebrate this national (for the U.S.) holiday.

However you choose to celebrate or participate, I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with magical moments. Blessed Be!







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