Positive Paganism In The Time of Corona

Positive Paganism In The Time of Corona April 19, 2020

Back when I wrote my first blog about Positive Paganism, many people resonated with the concept. To this day, I am contacted by people thanking me for writing about being positive in an increasingly darker world. When I wrote that, no one had any idea a pandemic was on the horizon. Or did we? Many had noticed the deities were increasingly active, and many predicted the financial house of cards would come tumbling down. Here we are, in the midst of an unprecedented world-wide pandemic that none of us have seen in our lifetimes. And it’s not over yet.

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I have been in observer mode since this has began, doing what I can to help locally and work with people as they struggle with the anxiety that is so prevalent nowadays. Some people want card readings, and some want healing energy, and all want connection. Each day seems like it’s a “brace yourself for impact” mood, yet as the days move onward, I notice other things. How people are helping each other. How they worry about each other, connect in so many different ways, and most of all, adapt. Humans are resilient creatures, and this time is no different.

I have seen food drives and online gatherings, have taken part in online healing, meditation and rituals. There is an energy behind the voices I hear over the Zoom connection, one of wanting to help, and to keep things moving, so that we don’t become stagnant and fearful. I have been in awe of the creativity of many, who not only are doing things at home (baking, cooking, gardening, knitting) but doing things for others. Making masks for those with access to none, creating herbal first aid kits for those struggling with addiction, and creating fundraisers for those in urgent need. I have seen people praying for the dead on a nightly basis, while others are overcoming their unease of being filmed and offering videos of classes and reassurance. I have noticed the lessening of monetary value and more bartering, and I have seen community supporting each other.

No matter what their spirituality, I add them under my Positive Paganism umbrella, noting all the little acts of kindness that transpire throughout the world. There is no sense of artifice, as the feelings are soothing and genuine. People want to help. People are thinking outside of themselves, and are being supportive by offering to be together, albeit from a distance.

Nature has been in the forefront more than ever. When you step outside, can you hear and feel the earth breathing? That energy of “I’ve had enough, I need to recuperate.” Maybe it’s all of us taking a collective deep breath and releasing it over and over, as we go about our days. Spring has been so vibrant, and the social media feeds have been flooded with photos of flowers, trees, herbs, and more. Many are discovering their neighborhoods and the flora and fauna contained therein.

Have you noticed a certain frantic-ness has also disappeared? Since we can’t plan ahead at the moment, more of us are fully present and grounded. There is a wry sense of humor about this situation, also with a deep determination that these are the times we were made for, without any smugness or sense of “I told you so.” We are together and feeling connected while seemingly apart. May it long be so after we return to the life beyond this time.

So this is a love letter to all of you, dear Positive Pagans. Thank you for what you are doing, and continue to do. You continue to inspire me daily, and fill me with much gratitude. With deeply felt resonance, I add the time-honored words, directly from my heart: Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!


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