December 17th: Mother Marys Words: I belong

December 17th: Mother Marys Words: I belong December 17, 2010

Hello fellow lovers of life.  Here is a wonderful song you can sing from your heart. Sing it in the morning when you awake and use it as your prayer.  I BELONG and this is my song.  Glorious two words.  I belong. And since you do, everyone does.  You were created from the highest idea, and that idea is unconditional love.  You were born from unconditional love. So each and everyone one of you matters on this planet.  Start telling yourself the story of how much you love in your life.  Look for love in your life, in your jobs, in your friends, in strangers, and family. Listen for love. Since you belong, there is no reason to dwell in the underground of despair, doubt, worry, or confusion.  Those come about from conflicts in truth.  The truth in its essence is found in the presence.  Motivation is found in building an attitude, which works for some, and so I tell you that you are built from the highest and great love possible.  What more do you need to hear to motivate you to love? And the only sword you carry is FORGIVENESS.  And so you know that when you speak fear, it simply means lack of love.  Good news.  Let me  now see the love I am.  Right where you are is the most powerful place on earth.  WOW! Right where you are is the most powerful place on earth. The power is love, intuition, giving, caring, and kindness.  There is no power in greed, lack, or limitations.  The space is now, when the world is asking each of you to go inward.  Stop looking out for answers and look within. Let the stillness speak to you. You may be asking what is my purpose? To love where you are.  To know that you are the only one who can change the direction of your life.  So dwell in love. Dwell in your heart.  And listen.  If you want to shift the world, shift your self.  When a friend is talking to you about pain, listen with your whole being. Just by listening, will shift what they are talking about.  You wouldn’t tell a child to stay down if they fell down. You would encourage them to get up. So you fell into fear, now fall into love.  Fall into love with everything and search for good, expect love and goodness always. Shift happens.

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