December 16th: Mother Marys Words: Students of Love

December 16th: Mother Marys Words: Students of Love December 16, 2010

Hello students of love. Today our course work is on being a student of love.  Everyone is teaching you about your love. Showing you back inside yourself. You are love and love is all there is. Can you remember the first time you fell in love? The discovery, the smells, the everything. Can you remember the first time you fell in love yourself?  There is only love and love is every where.  Today propose to yourself. Go inside your bathroom and look in the mirror. Make eye contact with yourself and gaze into your eyes like you would a lover. Then propose to yourself.  Be creative. You may say as an example,”I love you, I have loved you ever since I met you.  You make me laugh, sing, dance, cry, but I can’t live with out you anymore.  For so long, I thought there was two of us, but now I know there is just one.  Will you marry me? I want to grow with you, change with you, live every breath with you. I love you, I love you, I love you.” Keep gazing into your eyes and look at the beauty that you are.  Every morning and evening for 5 minutes or even 2 minutes, just make eye contact with yourself in the mirror.  Gaze at yourself from your heart. See what your heart sees in you.  FEEL THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE.  At the end of the day, look at all the ways in which you as love have shown up. All the ways that love looks. Then be thankful. Thankful for everything that has shown up in your life, whether you called it good or bad.  And rather than asking about the lesson to be learned, ask yourself, “What is love teaching me in this situation at work, relationship,etc…?” As a student of love, everyday is a practice of love.  This my children is your life.  Love doesn’t judge, it accepts. Ignorance judges everything. Remember where in you is fear. That fear is not real. Love is. So simply ask God,”This fear isn’t real inside me. Love is.  Take this fear away and let me see love again.”  Just ask and it is done.

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