December 15th: Mother Marys Words: The Robber

December 15th: Mother Marys Words: The Robber December 15, 2010

Each of you have been given the kingdom of heaven on earth.  Yet your kingdom’s are under attack.  Now many are use to the attack, and have not yet asked the obvious question, “What is attacking you?Where is the attack coming from? How long can you keep fighting?” Isn’t that what a good leader would ask. But you are not good leaders yet, that is why we practice love.  So you keep your eyes glued out there and it keeps happening. Frustration builds. Again, where does the frustration start?  It must rest in “them”, “they”, “the world”, what ever words you put on it.  So you use what you know to avoid from being attacked. Blame, complain, gossip, criticism, and hate. But that  only makes it worse. So you think to yourself, maybe I am weak, not good enough, or maybe, just maybe I am lacking in some way.  So you fill the void.  Because if you gave up the fight, you would feel weak, so you continue. It is here at this moment all appears to be lost, you take from others, horde, own, possess, control, and in the process you age. Your physical home becomes a place of rules, boundaries, isolation, and you begin to feel alone. Now you are like the robber in prison.  One was put there because of an incident and the other because of an instant.  But both of you are robbers. Robbers of love itself.  Both of you are justified in the world. Many souls would agree with you both.  And yet you both live the same life on earth.  You have locked the doors to your kingdoms, and seem to have lost the keys.  All you had do was close your eyes, and consciously breath for a few minutes, then you would have realized the key was in your hand.  And the attack wasn’t real, being alone wasn’t real, and taking from others wasn’t real.  But instead you kept your eyes open and hypnotized by what you saw. It scared you. The world is asking you to see something that isn’t there, and I am asking you to see what the world is working so hard for you to not see. Inside yourself and the realization that you are love itself.  Close your eyes to the world, and come inside for a few minutes.  Remember children of love. Remember when you were young, and it was storming outside and you were frightened, scared, anxious by what you saw and heard. It seemed so big.  Then you came inside the kitchen and had warm soup and bread. And your mom brushed your hair, held your face, and said, “Don’t worry it will be over soon. Trust me I your mother. I love you dear child.”. I love you as well, as my children. Come inside, where it is warm and cozy. Close your eyes and relax in the beauty heart. And you will realize that you have never been alone, in fact you have been in all one. There are angels everywhere talking to you. Speak to me, when you need guidance and listen. I am there and everywhere for you sweet child of love. Out there is not what it seems. Inside is all there is, and ever will be. So come, join me. And let us create a new.

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