Mother Marys Words: Your TRUE nature is loving

Mother Marys Words: Your TRUE nature is loving December 14, 2010

What is the nature of your breath? Your mind? The body? The spirit? When you can be with the essence of them, you will finally know that you are love and that love is simple. The breath is simply breathing itself. That is its function. Spend time contemplating the breath and feel its essence. Your mind thinks, that is its function. The body is used as an instrument for the spirit.  The spirit is love. It is boundless and limitless. What now is your nature?  Be careful because you may lose yourself in the question.  If you are not lost in the question, the answer becomes simple. You are love.  Many of your religions describe love, such as, abundance, creativity, joy, peace, compassion, giving etc…We are now moving into experience. You are tired of living in the nature of the mind.  You have lost yourself in a maze. The maze seems to be going in circles, and so you are taught to seek, find, look for, and yet your missing it.  It is right where you are and you keep running in circles wanting to own it, possess it, talk about it, but once that happens, it is gone. The mind asks, “Where have you gone?”,  The spirit says, “No where.” Your quest has become endless questions that lead to no where.  Sooner or later the machine of the mind must be still. For love is leader, love heals, love knows. Thinkers can not lead. Thinkers can not truly heal. Thinking can only know more thinking about knowing more knowing. Many of you are addicted to the mind, you will know what the addiction is, when it goes away, or you feel threaten by its loss. What the minds nature fails to see, is that the loss is the opening of something greater. But the mind wants to possess, own, hold on to, and brag about what it knows. But it KNOWS nothing.  It knows the past…now. So there is always this problem. So the mind researches the problem that it created, to find an answer to itself.  And yet the answer is in the question. The answer is found now.  In nature. Remember there are no secrets in the universe.  Nothing is hidden. It is the belief that is, that is driving you insane. Imagine a world where all is equal, where there is no secrets, then you will find the truth and the truth will set you free. Ask your heart, be conscious of your breath for three breaths, then ask it, “What am I hiding from myself now? What am I hiding from?” The answer will be that which you have with held from every relationship you have ever been in, because you were coming from the past, and bringing it in the now.

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