Mother Mary’s Words: Beauty Heart

Mother Mary’s Words: Beauty Heart December 14, 2010

My angels there is something so extraordinary about beauty, everyone has it. But not everyone knows it. Some spend their entire lives in their physical bodies searching it out, out there, as though they can possess it, and yet it goes away like the wind. And love laughs, because it knows it can not possess anything that is unreal.  There is something that nature speaks to us about. When you walk outside and pass a rose.  Do you stop? Or are you “thinking” about what could be or might be. All the while the rose holds the secret to your existence.  Be with the rose next time you walk, and ask the rose, what is it that I should know? And listen to its answer. As you listen to the rose, you will begin to feel an essence behind your thinking mind, and it is that essence in which you have missed. There is no secrets here on this plane, and yet many of you believe that you can hide away from it.  You play small, or play arrogant, and both characters miss the essence. The essence is found in a rose.  There are no secrets in love, and no secrets then at all. So what are you hiding you from? Many of you crouch in an open field and believe your secret is safe and yet there is nothing to hide behind.  And I say to you gentle lovers of life, if there are secrets in your world, than you are worshiping in the wrong place. The essence is everywhere and yet no where, for all is found now here.  So I say to you brothers and sisters, sit with the rose and ask it your deepest longing, and then you will know the essence of beauty heart. For beauty heart has no secrets, no lies, and does not search for the untruth. It is humble, and knows, knows equality in every life.  Knows itself in everything, including a rose.

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