Mother Mary’s Words: Welcome Home to Love

Mother Mary’s Words: Welcome Home to Love December 13, 2010

Mother Mary: As we approach another Christmas, a lot of people are focused on material giving and less on love, forgiveness, and healing. Most are concerned with meeting family, friends, which they have not seen for awhile. Their concern is always about fighting, rehashing, old habits, addictions, and less on forgiveness. This holiday season I invite each of you to look at forgiveness, which is the best gift that you can give yourself and others.
So what is forgiveness. First, let me speak on love. LOVE IS ALL YOU ARE AND ALL THERE IS. You have covered it up in order to get ahead, strive, and separate from others to give yourself a specialness. That specialness is not real. For your specialness is laughable at best in the mind of love. LOVE is inclusive. That is the only rule. When you exclude, feel excluded, from something, then forgiveness will bring you back to REALITY, which is that you are love and so is everyone. EXCLUSION in any form is specialness. It invokes a pre-mature power to feeling less than or greater than in any situation. EACH OF YOU was made from the highest idea and that idea is unconditional love. Your frustration in another is really, your frustration in yourself, for you believe you are separated from who you are, which is love. Forgiveness in this mind set believes that power is still at hand. So by asking for forgiveness or forgiving from this mind set there seems to be power over another or giving up power. Forgiveness is the recognition of falseness in the situation. You are simply seeing that at the moment you had recognized only separation of love in another or in yourself. BUT LOVE knows nothing of SEPARATION. Forgiveness happens when you are not present. Your presence is a practice of love 24/7. So another indicator of not being present is ANGER. Anger is learned. So we are re-learning how to be and be love 24/7. The rose does not discriminate its scent, so why are you? You tell yourself that “they”, “them”, out there are hurting you, but you in turn are hurting yourself, by not recognizing your biggest teachers are right in front of you. Your breath is teaching you LOVE, the person in front of you is teaching you love, you are learning how to love now. Life can never be boring. How am I loving now? When you listen to another ask yourself, “Let me hear their love, what is love telling me now?” Then you become love and a miracle is at hand. A miracle is a shift in oneself from fear to love. Forgive the fear, it is not real. Be love my children, learn it now, use it always. Practice LOVE. Let your life be a practice of love. LOVE yourself first and see how you treat yourself by how you talk about others when they are not there.


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