Be Here, Now

Be Here, Now March 12, 2011

Beloved ones, there is only one reality. But most of you experience two.  When you look out into the world and see all that is unfolding, you become defensive, scared, and fear based. People become your enemy, relationships become battlegrounds, and companies competition takes over.  But when you inhabit the inner body fully and fully feel this inner life than true transformation can happen.  True love can be experienced.

Right now, close your eyes and become aware of your inner body. Any sensations, feelings, anything. Just let them be.  Get your mind out of trying to fix yourself. This is where you are and this is what is going on. No need to put a story to it.  Feel your feet on the ground, your breath simply breathing, your thoughts moving, feeling, what do you hear? As you become more present with yourself now and the stories of what were or what could be fall away, then you will notice that nothing is against you or has been.  Feel this place and every time you seem to move away from this reality, simple come back now.  Now as you come back here be with the feelings in your body and just be with them. Do any stories pop up, visions, words, and if they do, then be with them.  This is where a guide, or teacher can really help you early on in your process.  Just be with it all.  Nothing can harm you. God has never left you my child.  People may forsake you from a place of defense, but the beloved she is always with you.

Be here, now.  You are so very important and loved.  Feel it now. You are and have always been worthy of this love.  Remember love is inclusive not exclusive. That means that when you are affected by someone then that is the gateway to be with those feelings and heal now. You can only heal now. So what is unfolding in you now. Be with it, it is time to shift the old perspective. Remember healing simply means “lesson”. It is time to learn the lesson that you have been avoiding.

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