Secrets of the Heart

Secrets of the Heart March 11, 2011

Beloved ones. Society has many uses of judgement. We are constantly judging our neighbor, putting them down, gossiping, and other negative ways in which we judge.  And yet when we are alone at night and it is quiet, does not the essence of who you are know the truth? You may deny this truth with friends, family, and strangers. You may treat someone like they are lower than you. Your pride may have taken the best from you.  You may have told stories that you believe but know they are flat out lies. This is not a reason to put yourself down or others. Everyone makes mistakes, EVERY ONE.   Yet it is how you go about releasing those judgements of another that matter most.  For there will be a time my brothers and sisters when you will be unable to run away, and you will then look at the people you hurt the most, maybe even notice how much you hurt yourself on a every day basis, and you will ask for forgiveness from this essence. But essence has never judged you or anyone.

So I ask you, when you are alone a night with your heart, and ask yourself,  Have I been kind today? Have I been humbled? If I have spoken about another, would it be the same way I would speak to them face to face, if not, ask yourself, What is my intention?  Have I loved fully without playing games, manipulating others?

It is not your job to judge another, but it is yours to listen and love.  You love them, because they in their judgement do not love themselves.  They can not see it, but you can.  They may insult you, punish your good name, destroy your life, but you will know that nothing that is truth can be lost.  We are all the same, brothers and sisters.  Sometimes we fight but when we do, we forgive. Sometimes we forget to love another as ourselves but then we hold them and forgive.

Some days can be difficult to be with yourself, but those are the days to be with yourself.  When your old enemy calls to talk. Do not run and hide and throw a rock. To many people have tried that and it has failed. We are still throwing bigger rocks in many wars and that has gotten us no where.   Instead listen and see them as they are. No less than you and no more than you.  And forgive them. Your heart knows what to do.

A young woman approached a man. She apologized for her actions in their relationship that had passed.  Then he apologized as well.  Their tears fell like sweet rivers. For it was in those tears that they had finally healed not only their relationship but all their relationships.

So I ask you, when you are home late at night with your heart, who are you really hurting, when you hurt someone, manipulate, play games against, gossip, or lie too?  You know the answer, now are you willing to honor yourself and others or continue to play in the world. This is the good news.   Spread it around. You are the good news, see what goodness you can bring to another without wanting or needing anything.

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