Gabriel Speaks Up

Gabriel Speaks Up March 7, 2011

Beloved ones the truth is shockingly simple and yet you fret at such an idea. The concept of enlightenment has always been made for the adventurer, journeyman, seeker, and yet when put in your face, you still can not see the simplicity of where you are.  Beloved means BE LOVED. You are loved by so many beings that you see and don’t. Each wants you to succeed in realizing the simplicity.  In the simple is the most profound surrender.

But you ask, what is surrender?  Does that mean that I am giving up? No it means you are giving in, giving into the presence.  Most of your lives is spent trying to understand why this or that happened, or how will this happen, and yet when you born into this planet, your first 5 years of life you never questioned, and all was taken care of.  So why question so much, what must you get before you realize what you have always known. What last yearning question must be met before you world drops before your eyes? What concept does enlightenment fill? Will all of sudden you become better than someone? Which is angels laugh at. Everyone is equal. EVERYONE IS EQUAL. Understand that, and you will know what a master knows.  When you give up knowing about everything and everybody then you will be able to just live in joy. But you find yourself caught up and caring about nonsense.  If I was to tell you that tomorrow you will wake up with a career that would change your life forever, or tell you to look out your window now and see the bright beautiful stars.  Which is more important to you?

There are wonderful stories of wonderful spirits who will never be known, who have done extra-ordinary things in the world and yet who were gossiped, made fun of, by family and friends, who thought they where crazy.  Do not cast illness on anyone, there is a wonderful story of a man who was cast out of his family, put on the street, laughed at, looked at as a man that didn’t do much for the family, and yet he stayed his course, now he is walking as a master among you. Everyone that cast him out now has a sense of shame or has turned to love him. He did not punish his family and friends, for he knew how unconscious their lives where and that they did not know what they were doing.  If you are reading this it is time to stop playing out a lie.  BE LOVED NOW.  Let love shower you, bath you, and comfort you.

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