Gabriel wants to Speak

Gabriel wants to Speak March 6, 2011

Listen to what the last message is. Stop dancing around the truth which is that you are the light of the world.  Your light is so immense that when you contemplated the magnitude of it all, it put you back into give up mode, or what you call “sticking to what you know.” There is no trick, no high stake theater, no movie magic, no red carpet, only the realization that each of you is special right where you are and none of you are better or lesser than another.  Everyone is equal. Now let us all breath a collective sigh. Now you can help one another and build supportive communities without having to be acknowledged in a paper or TV. Help each other for no other reason than you have only each other.

How to help each other? Listen. Simply listen to each other.  Support everyone and give only encouraging feedback to each other.  Only weak minded beings gossip, judge, and so forth.  It is said that adultery is the biggest mistake you can make. I would say don’t do it again.  Before you speak illness on someone, stop and breath. Ask yourself, “Is this illness I speak about another polluting me or them?”  One is sick in this world, when they can not speak from kindness, joy, inspiration, compassion, and deep listening.  Since you realize the truth that each of you are equal then it makes sense to be who you are which is light. That is your nature. Be your nature which is kindness.  Stop playing like you are sick.  When you are light, you will no longer think about sickness, or greed, or hate, or war, you will see the game that is being played out by a collective that is unconscious.  Unconsciousness ends when you are completely living right now with no past.  To dwell in any place other than here is sickness.

In order to leave your sickness, you must become a aware of your story about what is not happening now. Then you will laugh at the mere creation of such madness, and then you will suffering.  Stop fighting your awakening, it is causing to much suffering, you suffer because you are not comfortable with not knowing how it will look. Why do you care what it looks like? Or how it happens?  Deep down inside yourself you know the truth, and that truth must come out. Only a sick person denies who they are. Denies the illness.  Denies the responsibilities to the illness.

I come to you…I ask you to listen…the time to awaken is upon us now…get  comfortable with not knowing and trust in IT’S way…you have been seeking, waiting, searching, way to long…

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