Light of the word

Light of the word March 6, 2011

Dear ones it is time to snuggle up to your own light. You may have trouble seeing the light or even understanding the simple, yet profound essence of the power you are, but now is the time. There is no better time than now.  It doesn’t take learning lots of books to get here, or going to lectures to get here, but it does take patience, and gentleness to finally experience the nature of you.

You are nature, as I have brought to you time and time again. So if you find your self in turmoil than know you are shifting and  things are expanding.  Be present with the change. The more present you are, the more your light will shine. You will call this a battle between two worlds, and for some it will feel like a war, but it is your pride that is fighting the awakening.  When you become fully present in right now, the sub-conscious babble will fall away, the desire of good and bad will lose  hold of you, and the darkness will meet the light.

How to break this pattern? If you are worrying, acknowledge the worry and it will drop away.  If you are lost, acknowledge that you are lost. Stop resisting right now.

How will you know you are present? There will be a lightness in your body.  Spread this message to friends and family and around the world. The time to awaken is NOW.

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