Heel then HEAL

Heel then HEAL December 31, 2011

As we approach the new year, with all of its expectations, hopes, dreams, and changes in lifestyles, with goal settings, visualizing, etc…I thought about healing. What is it to heal? What are we healing from? As I pondered this, I remembered a friend.  I watched her train her dog.  When the dog was wild, out of control, she would yell, “Heel”.  The dog after a few seconds would in fact sit on its back legs, tongue hanging out,  expecting a treat from my friend, for listening.

In a way, when we find ourselves out of control, lost, confused, diseased, addicted, caught up, etc…we in turn, turn to something higher, bigger, and we too “HEEL” and by doing this act, we begin to HEAL. We heel to the bigger and allow the smaller to rest. Which is what happens when we go in nature. When we accept what is. Become aware of the breath. Pray, sing, dance, create, affirm, paint, we finally drop our will and allow and acknowledge the greater creative force to take over our lives. Correct.

It is refreshing to heel to this force. And what a treat we get in return. Life becomes peaceful, fun, joyous, and filled with abundance beyond belief. The listening is from within. We are rewarded for heeling to it, praising, loving it now.

So as we enter 2012…let us finally heel to the bigger….and by doing this we will HEAL.

I use my sound to help in this process.  Allowing the sound to attune and tune people in. Remember when you were born. There was the breath, then the sound, then the words, then the story, then the belief in the story, etc…I invite you to HEEL and you will HEAL. Give up the fight. Amen…love you all…Happy New Year 2012

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