Light of the World

Light of the World January 1, 2012

January 1st 2012- Welcome!

Let me make a suggestion for the new year.  Sit down with a piece of paper and pen, and write yourself a love letter.  Then sign it and put it in a envelope and send it to yourself.  Romance yourself.  All the things you wish another would say about you, say about yourself. Be thankful for all you bring into people’s lives whether they see it or not is of no concern. You are seen in realms, you are just now waking up too.

When you get the letter, read it and see how you feel. That feeling of love is how the universe feels about you and everyone 24/7. That is real.

You are the light of the world and the love of the world and the peace of the world.  You are the world. There is no-thing, nothing, that shines as bright as each one of you. The universe has no story about you, it only knows you as itself. Pure light, pure love, pure honesty, pure laughter, pure life, etc…

Yesterday we learned to heel. Now lets us accept whose we are and who we are.  Stop making excuses, complaining, blaming, and start radiating. Radiate love with hugs, touch, meet your friends, lovers, partners, for the first time now. Stop telling people you know them, or you know your partner, because you don’t.  Discover them now. See them now, without stories of yesterday. Live now. Radiate listening. Stop filling the air with nonsense and hot air. Start filling the air with well intentioned hearts. Speak only from your hearts, not your minds. Listen to the beautiful sound coming from your friends, partners, family, strangers, that sound is their unique sound. Nobody has it. It is theirs. That is how light sounds, their voice, your voice has a unique sound. Love it, embrace it, let it vibrate from your heart (The center of your spine).

Radiate, radiate, radiate your light, love, peace, hearts, hugs, kisses, all day long.  See how that transforms a room.  Who cares what others think? Thinking is old. How does your heart radiate now? Joy, laughter, and love.When you are connected to your heart, you are connected to the divine. It activates intuition which means IN TO IT. Intuition is God thinking. It feels like a whisper, a gentle nudge, loving you.

You are the light of the world.  Loving you and seeing you right now.

Happy 2012 Radiant Beings of Love! Pass this on…be lovers not thinkers- Be Heart filled in 2012….

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