The 22 Songs of Joy

The 22 Songs of Joy February 7, 2012

The 22 Songs of Joy- read them, catch any reaction or quick judgment.  Then simply be with the sentence and contemplate. These sentences are not made for the mind. 



  1. Nothing is realized in one that is all. A light shines always. Sometimes the bugs come and it looks clouded.  If your attention is on the bugs, and not the light then life becomes clouded. And you ask questions- “Where did the bugs come from? How did they get here?” The question leads to more questions and needs more answers,  never satisfied by the answer. Can these bugs ever be satisfied?  But in the present, they are just bugs.
  2.  What has been found and never lost?
  3. Being is joy, and not being is simply not joyous.
  4. To believe, concentrate, focus, motivate, are ideas built on the same structure- thoughts. Other concepts that cause emotional images and ideas and separation are war, violence, which is the same as judgment, complaints, gossip, and shame.
  5. Every religion is half way to the truth and whichever one you follow you must go the rest of the way.
  6. There are no mistakes, only of being not present.
  7. God is not an idea, image, man, woman, concept, name, belief, faith, religion, and/or attached to anything.   It is everything and nothing.
  8. Each word is precious. Using the word to express peace, love, and creativity.
  9. Instruments have a sound, unique to themselves. You have a sound unique to you. The sound is off when you are no longer in peace.  For peace is natural, disharmony is not
  10.   When the heart is heard, stillness is met, and stillness is simply no more thoughts.
  11.   Witness the coming and goings.
  12.   Nature is a great example of allowing.
  13.   Believe nothing, for everything is in perfect harmony.
  14.   Many students want answers, but few listen to the answer. So they continue to gain more and more answers. Until they give up looking and rest in being.

15. Awareness listens unattached to everything. No labels, dreams, ideas, or concepts. Awareness is a sense

16.  Like a bird knows when to sing, and that same movement will speak.

17.  Be still.

18.  Being is alive.  Life being moves when moved only.

19.  Laughter is a wonderful sign.

20.  Grace transcends beauty.

21.  Forgive everything to be present.

22.  These are only words.

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