The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother June 26, 2012

We have many idea’s, images, and pictures of what we think is happening. What we think God may be. This presence that is everywhere at once, is unconditional love. It  needs nothing to be itself.  But it uses you to express itself. Jesus called this presence his father. I like calling it the divine mother.  For a mother can give birth to the new idea (child).  Each of us is blessed as the idea of the divine mother.  She listens with unconditional love, unconditional inspiration, and unconditional freedom. All that is required of each of us is to listen with our whole being.  Can you listen in the great, vast abyss, called stillness?  And as you listen to her can you apply what you have heard without doubt into the physical world? Can you hear her inspiring you even now? And if you can, can you understand that that inspiration is love? Real love. Something the world can never give you. That is how much you are loved, that she can trust you with her inspiration. You may see yourself as wounded, hurt, a mistake, maybe even a failure, or incomplete in some way. But the divine mother knows you as unconditional love.  Open your eyes and stop dancing in the darkness.  See what is real.

Are you willing to drop your stories, concepts, notions, bias, judgments, for her love?  Drop everything that you have ever learned about love, for her? Are you willing to be willing? Drop your resentments, complaints, lies, worry, everything, to experience her love. And all that is required of you, is to listen. For when you listen, truly listen with your whole being, you can receive. Receive her kingdom. She is a mighty force, more powerful than the human. So are you willing to receive now.  Receive her guidance. When you listen fully with your being, you are praying and meditating at the same time. Pray and meditate on her. Ask for wisdom and guidance.  And see the results of real love.


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