The Freedom To Sing Your Song

The Freedom To Sing Your Song June 26, 2012

As I walked down my neighborhood block to my car early in the morning, I was struck by the beautiful sound of birds.  I was so moved by the singing I stopped and listened. The sun was beginning to come up over the neighborhood and the birds were celebrating. They were loud, and beautiful.  As I listened I noticed my breath, my feet connected to the ground, my mind wanted to wander out of the experience an remember other such times of deep listening.  I would not allow such a journey to take place. This was enough. This space was complete, perfect, and wonderful.  I was struck by how free the birds were.  The freedom to sing their music, their song, which was so attuned to life. A life happening now. Their beauty put me in the presence.

Just being yourself can put put others in the presence.  And yet we are so afraid to be ourselves.  We are scared of judgements, not being liked, we worry about where we have been, we worry about all kinds of things that never transpire, instead living a life inspired.  And yet watching these birds sing, reminded me of real freedom. The kind of freedom everyone is really searching for.  Freedom from everything. It is a lifetime pursuit we are told, but maybe if we can simply listen to the sounds of nature, life around us, our own selves without any need to correct it and make it right or wrong, then maybe we could change now.  Accept our freedom now.  Judgment is trying to correct something according to your belief’s.

So for today, stop correcting others and yourself.  Accept. But when you see something that is gross or despicable, then I advise you to say something. Because unconditional love doesn’t accept “gross and despicable” action towards others.  A man wrote a hateful letter to Yogananda, and he wrote back, “Sir, your writing style is amazing, and I would advise you to become a writer, I never knew satan could write so well.”  Funny.

Today sing your song and listen to the songs of others.


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