Blessings Of Grace

Blessings Of Grace April 3, 2013

Today the topic of “Blessings” is discussed. Let us sit with everything as a blessing.  Everything that comes upon your path, person, situation, is a blessing from God.  Sometimes it might feel differently, it might, but be blessed by the thinking of “it might”.  Since we have no real reason to understand the Gifts of God, let us put down our weapons of judgement, labels, gossip, and open to grace.

Lately I have been using my iphone to take pictures of flowers. Every morning as I walk to the car to go to work, I pass all kinds of flowers.  Some are small, large, colorful, and yet they all abide in the stillness of simplicity.  When we are blessed by the simple we have found gold.  Read the papers, watch the news, listen to leaders, and what you notice is the complex, the perplexed, and very wordy with no point at all except to maybe confuse, deceive, or manipulate.  Grace is found in the simple. We like simple. We like straightforward. We like resting at the beach, as the waves brush up against the shore. We like hikes in nature, we love to walk, we enjoy the company of many, and the companionship of one.  We love to be open with another, intimate, genuine, and vulnerable.  Simple blessings of grace.

Mind games, games, worry, take away the simple.  The breath is simple, listening is simple, and yet when we get in the way of it, the breath becomes shallow, then we become shallow.  In a world striving so hard to be heard, and seen, yet no one wants to listen.  The blessings of grace teach us humility, and the love of God.

Today be with the blessings of grace.


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