God Is Behind All Things- Keep it Real

God Is Behind All Things- Keep it Real April 1, 2013

God is behind all things.  That is rule number 1. Rule #2:  Get that straight within yourself.  And finally rule #3 Once you get one and two, then everything that you speak about, talk about, meet, is sacred.  Everything is expressing the GOD BEHIND ALL THINGS.

So here is the practice, getting the first rule straight.  I was interviewed on a show recently, I noticed that if you say the word, “God”, the host will normally interrupt with a disclaimer to the listeners, such as, “I know David said God but some listeners use love, light, consciousness, and he started going on…” So I stopped him, and said the following:

“I listen to people now a days and they are like God, Consciousness, Light, Love, screw it, we are all talking about God.  That’s it. If the word bothers you, or brings up crap from child hood, or old customs, get over yourself, that is what we are practicing, getting over ourselves.”

The word is not the problem, the problem is that the teacher is pointing to the sky, and you are stuck looking at his finger, missing the infinite, because you are stuck on the word.  Our work is simple, profound, and hard as you know what?  Can you imagine everything you were ever taught about God, everything, and then you have to give it all up, and admit you have no idea what or who or why about God. Just imagine that.  Imagine that.  Don’t believe the writer, just imagine that for second.  Now imagine that God is behind every life, organism, plant, mountain, water, universe, cosmos, and yes yourself.  Now imagine, spending years of this sacred life judging it, labeling it, calling it names, trying to control it, and at the same time worshiping it.  That frankly is what is insane about the planet now. We tear up the sacred and then go worship it, as though we are lovers of love.

So the first rule is tough because you have to get real.  It is not about people being honest, or truthful, or betraying, because when you don’t know the truth in your life, it is all a lie, waking you up to rule one and two is the practice.  Once you recognize that you have no idea what anything means, it frees you up to “get straight with God”.  That means that you make amends within, you sit in your heart with sincere and open communication, the heart is your altar, and you sit in there to have God which is behind all things altar your life.  You say, “Father forgive me, I have had no idea what I was doing, I feel exhausted searching, controlling, worrying, holding on to the past, I am sorry.” Done deal,  all is forgiven.  Because God doesn’t need a story, doesn’t need justification, doesn’t need anything, it just wants your inner ear.  It wants you and I and we to succeed in love. It simply wants us to love each other. That is hard because we care so much about the little self, more than the big self.  None of us, have any idea what life will bring us, but as we still and listen, we tap our intuitive nature which guides us every second of every minute.

Rule #2: Get straight within.   Now you know who the boss is.  This is where you go with everything and you listen within. That is it.  Simple, profound, but hard has, you get the point. So take this into your week, stop the BS with yourself and everyone else.  Don’t act perfect, like you know everything, give yourself up, give it all up, and listen. As you listen you co-create fast in the universe.

YOU ARE A BLESSING- God is all and that is real. God is, I AM.



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