Laugh Lots

Laugh Lots April 5, 2013

As a student of life, showing up everyday is a great way to learn.  Here on this planet there have been many lessons to learn, and some to re-learn, and others still learning.  I am good with that.  But by observing things the writer has noticed that many people take life way to serious.  Where did the laughter go? IS life really this serious?  Now realizing that all of us go through periods, we have moments of struggle, pain, and yet where is the laughter? Laughter always sneaks up on you.  I have been learning some new things on my job.  Yesterday, I caught myself rushing, as I did that, I hit my toe. And for no reason what so ever just started laughing.  Because what was I rushing for, I will get when I need too, when it happens.

For the rest of the day I gave up taking myself so serious.  It felt good to just laugh.  Kids laugh 100’s of times a day, adult only about 15 times a day. Pretty funny right?   Maybe us adults can start learning from our teachers, life and kids.

Today is Friday, the weekend is here, and when work is done, it’s the weekend, so the invitation is to laugh lots today, and see how that changes your day. Laughter is the best medicine.

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